How The Fateful February 2020 Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

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How The Fateful February 2020 Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long
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We can’t have new beginnings but still carry the weight of old ways. We can’t let go of what we’ve been through if we’ve been reluctant to feel the reality of what we’ve experienced. And while we began 2020 just one month ago, many of us were hoping that it was as easy to leave behind our past as saying “Happy New Year.” 

January taught us something different. January taught us that we can’t escape our fate, we can’t hide our feelings, and that sometimes, no matter how much we just wish we could close a part of our past, what we’re really meant to do is dive back into it.

With the monthly love horoscope for February 2020, it's clear that our zodiac signs will experience changes in relationships, with the help of multiple planetary transits.

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February begins Pisces season, which occurs later in the month, so it should come of no surprise that we’re going to be in our feelings this month. This is a good thing, no matter how overwhelming or scary it might first seem. It’s okay to feel this way because that means we’re in our hearts; it means we’re deeply connecting to our emotional world, and because of that we're honoring a part of our truth.

This sentiment of deep emotional awareness begins early as we experience a Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury moving into this mysterious water sign just a day after. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and how we communicate to the world, and while, traditionally speaking, Pisces is this planet’s detriment, it only means that this is something Mercury isn’t comfortable with, not that it’s a bad placement.

Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s not what we’re meant to experience. Just because it’s not the norm doesn’t indicate it’s not exactly the course of action we’re meant to take.

This is Mercury in Pisces' gift: to set the tone for the rest of February so we can be in touch with our feelings — not just to practice gratitude and awareness around them, but to also articulate our thoughts from a more emotional place.

While the head and heart should always be balanced together, sometimes, in terms of love, we think too much. We let the logic determine possibility instead of simply trusting our hearts in the same way we trust our minds.

Both are vehicles of expression and choice, yet for most it’s easier to trust the cerebral awareness than the intuitive feeling. This is what changes this month because we’re going to be valuing that heart just as much as our conscious minds.

Shortly after we begin the February 2020 love horoscope, a month of intuitiveness, Venus moves into Aries.

Admittedly this isn’t the most romantic sign, but it is decisive, something that many of us lack within our romantic lives. Venus in Aries is very much love at first sight energy, at recognizing the soul connection of another from a past life, and making spontaneous choices when it comes to matters of the heart.

Because of our Mercury in Pisces influence, this could heighten this cycle. We already are going to be listening to our hearts more, so if we do find ourselves in a love at first sign moment, it’s best to try to practice some caution, knowing if it really is forever it’s also okay to take things just a little bit slower. The one thing none of us want, especially when it comes to our romantic relationships, is regret.

On February 9th, we celebrate our full moon in Leo, the first full moon since the last eclipse we saw in the beginning of January.

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Leo is a fire sign and the one to rule our hearts, so while not an expected romantic like Pisces, if Leo knows how to do anything it’s follow his heart.

Again, there is a strong theme this month of tuning in and listening to what we feel, and then following it. No talking ourselves out of it, but truly embracing the feelings of the heart as valid as those logical ideas. Moons move in six-month cycles, so it’s wise to reflect on July 31st as to what the theme for this moon may have in store for you.

Last July, it’s likely we were planting seeds for new beginnings, we were hoping for a new start or the ability to write a brand new chapter. Now is the time when we get to see how far we came and if the harvest reflected our effort, and also whether this is something we’re meant to continue working with or if we need to explore a different direction.

Last summer around this time, we were in eclipse season, so it’s likely that a lot was happening and changing, especially in terms of relationships. This time, we won’t be able to talk ourselves out of what we feel, so it’s best to honor it and not be afraid of what happens when we do what our heart has been telling us to do all along.

We begin the first retrograde of 2020 around February 17th when Mercury officially turns retrograde.

This is telling because while we had thought the past was going to stay safely in 2019, this element, in combination with the other astrological factors, may see us asking or even giving that second chance to a lover we haven’t really been able to forget about, no matter how hard we’ve tried.

At the end of the month, we have our new moon in Pisces, which is just in time for possibly being able to have our own new beginning in terms of love and relationships.

Let yourself heal. Let yourself be satisfied, and accept what it is you truly want. Don’t be the block to your own fulfillment and happiness, because at the end of the day when you’re laying in bed staring at the ceilings, the person laying next to you isn’t the one that’s on your mind; don't let it be your last regret before falling sleep.

We shape our reality — not just through our thoughts, but through our hearts. When we can see this and when we can accept this truth, then we are finally in the place to start making decisions that are balanced. Balanced decisions lead to authenticity, happiness, and knowing that no matter what, in this moment you are right where you are supposed to be.

We may get a curve ball or two on February 29th as we encounter Uranus in our special Leap Year energy.

This may just be that last push to make sure you take the jump you’re meant to. Because this month it’s not about free will, but about fated choice, which is the truth your heart has been whispering to you all along.

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