How The January 23rd Sun-Venus Aspects Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

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How The Sun Venus Aspects This Week Will Affect Our Love Lives In The Coming Months
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We get a burst of opportunity and realism as we move through two different transits on January 23rd: Sun square Uranus, with Sun in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, as well as Venus sextile Jupiter, with Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn.

For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, these transits will challenge us but also remind us why it’s always worth it to try.

The intensity and meaning of these two transits will be magnified as well, given the energy of the cluster of astrological events that we saw mid-month. But these two transits stand alone asking us: How bad do you want it?

In life, it seems that we expect everything to be either/or, but life itself is a balance of everything. Light and darkness, positive and negative, pain and joy, creation and death — we can’t have one without the other because, by the very nature of "either," it helps to create the other. We can’t have a new opportunity without saying goodbye to an old one, and we can’t walk through a new door without shutting one behind us.

This is wonderful energy, but also a challenging one, like what we feel in our own human experience within this life. But it’s also necessary and it’s great for all of to figure out how much we want this new beginning, this new chance.

Beginning something new always seems appealing or exciting, but it’s like a child holding onto a favorite toy being asked to let go of it so a new gift can be given. No one wants to let go of the old toy, or the familiar and the known, but we can’t grasp ahold of something new if our hands are already full.

So, we get to experience a reminder of this, perhaps by being challenged with how we would feel if we lost something before even receiving it; then we see the other side of amazingness, love, affection and passion.

It’s likely that within just a few days of this transit, we’ll experience a full range of human emotions as we try to not only process what we feel, but also what it means. And, of course, what do we do because of it.

The first transit is Sun square Uranus. The last time we saw these two in the sky together was back in July 2019, and we don’t see it occur again until August 2020. Usually occurring a couple times per year, this transit really wants us to internalize change by challenging us with how we would feel if we lost what we care about.

What if we lost our chance? What if we suddenly had that choice removed from our lives as an option? These are some of themes this might bring up in our lives. But it’s also about having us reach that point of acceptance that things can’t go back to the way they were, no matter how much we wish they could.

Sun represents our internal self, and Uranus is the planet of sudden change. When these two create a square — meaning they are within 90 degrees of one another — it brings a stressful or strategic point of action.

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This means that these two have reached the point in which our internal self (Sun) can no longer deny the reality of how much everything has changed (Uranus). Sometimes, this can cause us to have strong feelings surface like anger, frustration, denial or even manipulation if we try to twist the truth, but ultimately, the Sun always prevails.

This is asking us to take that truth, to take that change and accept it so we can move on, knowing more now than we did before and having learned whatever valuable lesson we were meant to, including that no matter how much we may want something, it doesn’t mean it’s actually meant to be.

The second transit occurring is Venus sextile Jupiter. Venus is currently in Pisces and is feeling all the emotions, and Jupiter in Capricorn is about really overthrowing anything that is holding us back from living the life we’ve dreamed of.

Together, these two bring about the perfect opportunity whether through an interlude, opportunity or conversation for us to see what we’d be missing out by not accepting the change occurring around this time. It alsos gives us a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

We can’t ever really go back in our lives, and even those situations in which two people separate or break up for a period only to find their way back to one another after a few years isn’t because they went back to one another; it's because their path led to the new version of who they both are.

Relationships don’t work out simply because we go back to someone we realized we were in love with, but because we kept growing, learning and changing. And because of that, we were led back towards one another.

We can’t predict what will happen and we can’t predict if something is forever or not; all we can do is stay true to who we are, try to live our truth and support the person we love to do the same. Maybe some of us will see this play out within our career or friendships.

But because of Venus and the challenge to accept the truth in matters of the heart, it’s likely we’ll feel these transits most strongly in a very spiritual, intimate, romantic relationship.

Nothing is pointless or wasted, and everything means something, so take the time with these two transits. Let everything soak in that is meant to, accept the reminder of what’s to come, and accept that life is and always will be a balance of both.

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