What Venus In Aquarius And The Five Of Swords Tarot Card Means For Your Love Life Until January 2020

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What Venus In Aquarius And The Five Of Swords Tarot Card Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships, According To Astrology And Tarot
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Venus moves from the serious sign of Capricorn to the friendly, humanitarian, eccentric Uranus-ruled sign of Aquarius, and will be hanging out there until January 13th, 2020.

This shift in astrology is going to seem a bit off. And that's because Venus in Capricorn was quite serious about everything, especially regarding relationships and love horoscopes. That was great for certain things, like when it came to handling people who weren't there for you and showing them to the scrapheap. (I'm betting the past few weeks was cutting season for a lot of people.)

But the Aquarius zodiac sign is more detached and theoretical, which is a weird place for the planet fixed on relationships, social graces and values (both material and ideals).

In tarot, the placement of Venus in Aquarius is related to the minor arcana card the Five of Swords. 

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When this card comes up in a reading, it tends to be a bit confusing. The traditional image of the card shows two figures walking away from a battle scene, clearly suffering the aftereffects of a butt-kicking. 

There's one more person, the most prominent one in the image, watching the two leave. This person has clearly won the swords in battle and is watching with a self-satisfied expression as the two others retreat with their faces dragging (figuratively).

It gets confusing because the question is, “Wait? Am I the winner or the loser here?” Well, that depends. No wonder this card is known as the Lord of Defeat!

But you may also wonder, “Wait a minute. Aquarius is a humanitarian and Venus is the planet of relationships. How is a self-involved card like the Five of Swords related to these two?” Easy. For starters, Venus herself can be quite self-involved and temperamental. Yes, she's the goddess of love, but before anyone else, she's all about self-love. 

And the shadowy part of self-love comes when you choose yourself over others, even to the point of being unscrupulous. And Aquarius, while a friendly humanitarian sign, is also unorthodox, loves its freedom and can be downright cold.

But more than anything, this card brings one of the most important lessons in defeat: accepting limitations. You learn more about yourself when you lose than when you win, because growth comes from adversity.

With Venus in Aquarius, certain things are going to come up, and Aquarius' scientific nature urges us to really examine them with a detached air.

We're going to look at our relationships now and decide how to best handle them. Venus' penchant for self-love jumps into the fray and there may be an urge to handle things in an unscrupulous manner, using cold logic as an excuse to do the things we normally talk ourselves out of. In some cases, that can be a good thing; in others, it will just causes heaps of trouble.

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During the next few weeks, romance gets put on the back burner. The same with familial relationships. The relationships that will be shown more emphasis are the ones with friends. You're more apt to go get a drink with work buds or catch a movie with friends. Some friends you haven't seen in a while might come back for the holidays, and this is a good time to catch up and re-establish that connection you had before. Or, at the very least, hear some entertaining stories.

Remember that acting in best interest urge mentioned before? This may actually be a good thing for holiday gatherings when other family members may try to shove their views on you. Just as Five of Swords is about realizing defeat and limitations, this also means you'll know what your limit is for BS when it comes to others. That one relative that loves to insult your cooking is going to get a cold (downright icy) spoonful of their own medicine.

As for romance, the planet of romance is in the sign that's big on friendships and ideals. And the card related to this focuses on defeat and limitations. Nothing teaches limitations like starting a friends-with-benefits situation.

This sort of pairing looks a bit more attractive than it normally would. And that's all well and awesome, but the limitation that comes up is whether or not you keep it purely in the physical, or if you will want more down the line. 

One thing that is for certain is that there's going to be a huge amount of disdain for any that try to crunch down on your freedom. If you've been in a controlling situation, this is where you let them know you're not for that anymore. Have you been the domineering one? Well, brace yourself. The next few weeks is pretty much "telling off" season.

Aside from that, there's another thing to consider.

As Aquarius likes to experiment, if you're considering a different type of relationship for the first time, this is the time to do it.

Just make certain you're going into it with your eyes open. On a fun note, if you've been thinking of bedroom experimentation, this is the point where you go for it, to find out what you like and dislike. 

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