Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of December 23 - 29, 2019

Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For December 23 To 29, 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign
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If you have experienced bad relationships and horrible exes, you are not alone. But it's one thing to be "wounded in the pursuit of love" and another thing to be "stuck in a world full of bad people." 

Thinking like a victim does you no favors. It only makes you forget your inherent strength and resilience to bounce back from a bad turn.

Keep that in mind with the weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for December 23rd to 29th, 2019. Because tarot, in combination with astrology, has something special in mind for your zodiac sign's week ahead.

If your zodiac sign is ARIES:

Your tarot card is the 9 of Air

You create your own reality, Aries. So if you think there are no good men or women left in the world, you will keep attracting horrible people who take advantage of you and walk away.

Be very careful of the energy you put out to the world. And steer clear of focusing on what you don't want and instead focus on what you do want.

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If your zodiac sign isTAURUS:

Your tarot card is the The Child

Your inner child is going to come out and play this week, Taurus. And with all the roses and sunshine in this card, it seems like this will be because of the presence of a romantic connection who brings out the happy child in you.

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If your zodiac sign is GEMINI:

Your tarot cards are the 10 of Water + 10 of Earth

Gemini, you want to reveal your true self to someone. But you are so used to manipulating your life's narrative and public image that you always end up putting on a show instead of being your authentic self.

Well, the Tarot is saying that you shouldn't fear so much. Because your true self is stronger and more charismatic than the mask you put on for the world. And your person will be vastly more impressed by the real you than this character you are playing.

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If your zodiac sign is CANCER:

Your tarot cards are the 3 of Earth + The Father

You work hard to be like your father, Cancer. You respect him and all that he has achieved. But a part of you always feels as if you will never really be able to live up to the standards set by him or become like him.

Don't be like that. Your father did not achieve his success overnight. And neither will you. So continue to put in the hard work and you will also flourish and grow through the years and one day surpass him.

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If your zodiac sign is LEO:

Your tarot card is the 4 of Fire

You know who you want, Leo, and you will settle for no one but this person. They are the moon to your sun — your true partner. And this week you will pull out all the stops to make them choose you.

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If your zodiac sign is VIRGO:

Your tarot card is Thought

If you are dealing with a Gemini, Virgo, please go and check out their reading. Because the masks in this Tarot card are calling out a Gemini's name.

But if you are not dealing with a Gemini, the Tarot says you need to be more discerning of the stories you accept as true or false. Because every story has multiple sides to it, and only the foolish staunchly believe that their version is right and everyone else's is wrong.

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If your zodaic sign is LIBRA: 

Your tarot cards are the 5 of Earth + Body/Mind

Your mind is trapped in a loop of negative thoughts, Libra. And this is making you behave in an underhanded manner in your romantic life by withholding important information from the one you wish to play.

Well, you have the free will to choose to act as you please. But bad karma always catches up with us in the end.

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If your zodiac sign is SCORPIO:

Your tarot card is the 2 of Earth

You have put too many eggs in one basket, Scorpio. As in, you have made one aspect of your life bigger than every other by a huge margin. It could be your love life, or your work, or even a passion project that you have gone all-in.

Unfortunately, this imbalanced way of living is creating a lot of chaos. And the Tarot is urging you to find balance with the other aspects of your life that truly mean a lot to you. That will lead to lasting happiness.

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If your zodiac sign is SAGITTARIUS: 

Your tarot card is the King of Fire

You have unlocked the King of Fire side of you, Sagittarius. The side that is a passionate leader who leads from the front lines, setting the right example for the ones who follow. And this week, someone just like that will come into your life.

A true equal, they will not make you guess about their intentions or affections. They will be forthright about it because the spark that exists within them also lies in you.

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If your zodiac sign is CAPRICORN:

Your tarot cards are 6 of Air + Journey

You are embarking on a new journey this week, Capricorn. A journey of love that will ultimately help you find your true self and become balanced within.

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If your zodiac sign is AQUARIUS:

Your tarot card is 2 of Water

A kiss, a hug, and a lot of peace are on the cards for you this week, Aquarius. And not just with anyone. All these awesome experiences will be shared with the one who is your soulmate.

Well, if this isn't a Christmas gift from the Universe, then we don't know what is!

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If your zodiac sign is PISCES:

Your tarot card is Emotions

You will be defeating your demons this week, Pisces, and emerging fresh and healed. Your energy will elevate and you will feel stronger than you have ever before.

Pat yourself on your back for all the hard work you have put in over the last many weeks and months. Because soul elevation of this kind does not happen overnight.

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