How The Mercury-Neptune Sextile Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 2020

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How The Mercury Neptune Sextile Will Create The Perfect Chance For That Important Conversation
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It’s never easy to have that big conversation with someone, but it will become a little easier when we experience Mercury sextile Neptune, with Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, on January 8th. And these planets, as well as our love horoscope, will give us the gift of words.

A sextile in astrology is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which not only creates a positive energy for us to work with but also brings a bit of karma back around to our lives. This transit does occur roughly twice a year. The next sextile between these two will be in May 2020, so while we will be given another opportunity to have these two align this year, it won’t be within an eclipse window.

Eclipses often occur together, although not always, as 2020 will teach us.

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When they do, the solar eclipse occurs first and there are two weeks between that event and the lunar eclipse. During this time, energy is heightened, we’re in suspended time, and often find that crazy events or surprise situations spring up around this time.

But the energy of eclipses makes us brave too; we're riskier and more determined to follow our hearts or listen to our intuition. It's an energy this sextile radiates, which means that while it may occur again this year and even in future years, it doesn’t always occur during this special window of time.

Mercury is the planet that rules our minds, thoughts and communication. This isn’t just emailing what may be written, or phone conversations that take place, but that true dialogue we have with ourselves. This is about our self-talk and whether we’re building ourselves up to spread our wings and fly, or if we’re putting ourselves down so we never venture outside of our comfort zone.

In Capricorn, this planet is more logical. He slows down just enough to think about his words before he speaks, so they carry more weight and are more meaningful. When our words are more meaningful, we also stumble less, which means we’re not over-analyzing how we wish we would have said something; instead, we can walk away (or towards) a situation knowing we did our best.

This Capricorn energy together with Neptune means even hard conversations somehow turn out sweet.

The watery blue planet is known for not only making everything more beautiful and loving, but creating a dream or fantasy world. While we can’t live within a fantasy, that energy means we get to sugarcoat the truth — not to lie, but to be honest without being harsh.

There are a lot of difficult conversations that occur around the beginning of the year. Whether they're personal or professional, it’s a time when we’re within a transition period or on the threshold to something new. Sometimes, we try to move forward before cleaning up our past, but we also don’t realize that we can’t move into that new beginning without having an ending as well.

And maybe a relationship isn’t ending; maybe we’re going to stay with our companies for another decade. But whether it’s tangible or not, there is no doubt that we are different. Perhaps that old self is still lingering into this year, not quire sure what to do with itself now that it can’t fall back on what always held it up.

But it’s time for our zodiac signs to grow, risk it all, and say what needs to be said.

We struggle with talking about feelings more than anything else. We don’t know how to tell someone we no longer love them, or that we still do. We struggle with saying we don’t see a future with someone any longer, or that we can’t imagine our lives without them.

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But really, this difficulty is just being afraid. We’re afraid of how someone will take our truth because we’re still deciding if we are confident in it, or we’re afraid of hurting another or being rejected.

Meanwhile, we become so focused about the what if’s that may occur that we end up forgetting that none of that is our responsibility. None of that is our burden to carry, and instead our own job is to express ourselves to the best of our ability. Our job is just to speak the truth.

With Neptune involved, though, these conversations we’re likely going to find ourselves drawn into have to do with matters of the heart. These are very important conversations not just about what we want, but also about how we envision our lives upholding, and what goals or milestones we hope to reach. And so, it’s not just about truth, but about our hearts.

Mercury and Neptune are helping us tune out the static. If 2020 is going to be different, and this decade is going to be a brand new one, that begins with us.

It begins with the conversations we have and the choices we make. So, it’s up to us to do it. To initiate the talks we know we need to have and to express our truth and love to those we have on our minds. Because we are never wrong. Even if something turns out differently than we had hoped or even imagined that it would, it doesn’t mean it’s still not something we needed to experience.

A big part of this energy is that we must trust ourselves, or even just the flow of life, enough to let go and do what we feel called to, even if we have no idea how it will all turn out. The eclipse energy will help with this, and it’s also a reminder that while fate can’t be ruined, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to seize every opportunity we can.

The window closes on January 10th/11th with the Lunar Eclipse and full moon in Cancer. It’s not a time to procrastinate, but instead, just what needs to be said, trusting everything else will be figured out when it’s meant to.

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