The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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The Taurus Zodiac Sign Personality Traits And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

The Taurus zodiac sign, also known as the Bull, is an earth sign in astrology, and its people are most closely associated with stubbornness, ambition and determination. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus personality is no stranger to the love of beauty and art, a trait which actually makes them good friends and interesting people.

The stereotype of being the stubborn bull is somewhat true.

Taureans can be soft and approachable, but get in their way and they will physically move you out of it.

The Taurus zodiac sign does what they want, and they definitely do not do what they don't want.

Famous Taureans include celebrities like George Clooney, Adele and Uma Thurman.  

These are the Taurus personality traits you'll find in everyday, normal individuals:

  • Artsy, unique, engaged
  • Determined, persistent, stubborn
  • Patient, easy going, chill
  • Sexy, sensual, body-oreinted
  • Preoccupied, distracted, oblivious
  • Money hungry, hard worker, desirous
  • Self sufficient, solitary, loner
  • Foodies, eats everything, always hungry
  • Spendthrift, gift giver, investor

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But as for the other aspects of a Taurus' life, there are many different facets to keep in mind.

How does Taurus fall in love?

Taurus falls in and out of love very easily, but what keeps bringing them back is the idea of good intimacy. This sign is extremely self-indulgent and they want their bodily pleasures to be both historical and epic.

They are not going to marry a person who isn't "good in bed," as intimacy is one of the most important things in their life. They do believe in monogamy, as long as the person they commit to is also their perfect lover.

What business/career/work is best for the Taurus zodiac sign?

Because of their love for money, they are very hard workers who often find themselves employed around money itself — like bank work or investing firms. The artistic side of Taurus demands a proper amount of creative input, so you will also see many Taurean designers — web, graphic, art, and interior designers — all working hard at their jobs.

Taurus is a show-off as well, and does well in front of the camera, on stage, or in any field of entertainment and theatricality.

How does Taurus raise a family?

Dedicated to the very end, you'll always hear Taureans say, "Family first." And this is true. They are incredibly loyal to family and will always come through if they are needed.

As a parent, the Taurean might push their child to be excellent, but their kindness and humorous approach may be what ultimately gets their message across. They are disarming and gentle when they want to be, and all family members tend to turn to the Taurus of the family for advice, and a good, strong hug.

What health issues plague this zodiac sign?

Another of the signs that is ruled by the head, much like Aries, Taurus is the sign that suffers headaches and toothaches. They are also vulnerable to head colds and dental problems.

Being a Taurus is problematic in this regard as they won't go to doctors unless they've been cut in half on stage by a magician; they like to suffer their physical woes in peace, in silence and by themselves. Taurus is also wise to protect their hearing during concert events as they have delicate ears.

How creative is the Taurus personality?

Because Taurus rules the head, they are great "idea" people, and you will always be able to count on them for solutions to problems. Their love of beauty will propel them into lives filled with the creation of art as well as music.

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Taurus uses music as a second language and, often times, they excel at both lyric writing and musical composition. Taurus is the member of the band that plays all instruments, as well as sings and sells the product after it's been created.

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What kind of lover is a Taurus?

They are the best and they want the best. It's hard to say that one sign is better in bed than another, as we're all individuals, but Taureans are a bit keener on the idea of what makes sex exciting — and they're ready, willing and able to pull it off.

They seek skilled lovers who aren't afraid to try new things, and once those "new things" have been fully explored, they're ready to move on to newer new things. If you want to keep up with a Taurus sexually, then you better be DTF all day, every day.

How does Taurus handle their finances?

When you work hard, you spend hard, and though Taureans are not the best at saving their hard-earned dough, they have absolutely no problem in the world treating all their friends to whatever they damned well please.

They rarely leave themselves desolate and believe firmly in the work ethic, as money is always there to be made no matter what. And in the Taurus mind, once it's made, it's there to be spent on fun, food, entertainment, clothes and friends.

Are Taurus spiritual?

Taureans are great believers in whatever they throw themselves into. This might be one of the great world religions, or it may be a total belief in their own well being and self-care. You will find Taureans meditating and practicing all manner of focus.

As "bulls" they are stoic; if they believe, it's all the way. Nothing Taurus does is half measure, and when they dedicate themselves to a spiritual path, they usually go all in, bells and whistles.

What is the Taurus personality like in day-to-day life?

Life is good, and, yes, Taurus will complain but they rarely stay down. For the Taurus personality, life is here to be lived, and every moment is precious. Sure, we don't all get what we want, but Taurus has the best time ever in spite of not getting what they want.

They are generally a happy bunch, with strong, boisterous personalities that seem to cheer others up. Taurus is a strong sign, a very grounded sign, and their daily life is about the moment. They live in the present, value the future and take whatever lessons they can from the past.

What kind of conflicts get the Taurus zodiac sign heated?

We all know the expression, "Trust must be earned," and this is never more real than in the case of a wronged Taurus. If you do a Taurean wrong, you will never again know what it's like to be friends, lovers, spouses, or co-worker.

These people are wonderful, faithful friends, so be good to them. While Taurus may very well be the life of the party, it's a party you'll never again be invited to if you do something to them that hurts them in any way. Taurus is a good, good friend, so keep that in mind and don't lie to them or talk behind their backs. It isn't worth losing them.

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