How The Sun-Uranus Sextile Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until September 2020

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How The Sun Uranus Sextile Is Going to Help Set Us Free To Have A Fresh Start In 2020
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When we feel confident enough to step away from routines and patterns, it’s only then that we realize the great things we can accomplish.

This is the energy of the Sun sextile Uranus transit, with Sun in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, that the zodiac signs will experience on December 24th.

A sextile in astrology is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a positive and harmonious aspect. A sextile is often tied to something we have previously done such as an important choice or behavior.

The last sextile we experienced between these two was in June. A usually predictable transit, these two tend to create this aspect twice a year.

The next time this sextile occurs will be in September of 2020.  So much of this energy we feel with this transit will likely carry over in themes for next year.

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Sun represents our sense of self and who we are at our core. This is the truest part of who we are apart from any masks or personas we adopt in the outside world, but it doesn’t mean it’s an easy aspect of ourselves to tune into. Often, we cover or hide the brightest parts of who we are. We believe we must somehow alter or change what makes us who we are, when this energy is truly what sets us apart from the masses.

This is the energy of 2020 — the unbridled inhibition of choosing to fully own who we are. It’s not that we haven’t done that yet or even that it’s as simple as the clocks ticking ahead to push us past whatever obstacles have obscured our path, but rather the focus of our perspective.

This is the Uranian power we’re all going to be stepping into as we delve more into this new seven-year cycle that began earlier in 2019.

While the Sun represents us at our core, Uranus is the planet of shock and awe, often being the instigator of sudden and unexpected change. When these two team up in astrology, it means changes at the very deepest most impactful part of every zodiac sign's life.

But the two sextiles this year were different than years past, and that is because of the new cycle that Uranus began. Since 2011/2012, Uranus has been camped out in Aries, which means that any of the changes we felt were considerable and likely quite dramatic with the fire energy of this sign.

But all of that has been different this year as we’ve felt Uranus become settled into the earth sign of Taurus, a placement that most of us haven’t yet experienced in our lifetime. Uranus in Taurus is still all about sudden change, and where Aries was about breaking apart and setting on fire, this new placement is all about growing, building and coming together.

With the Sun, this means we’re going to have to let our light shine. Uranus is simply going to ask everything of us and whether we feel comfortable or not, it doesn’t mean we’re going to get an out or a free pass.

Part of this new phase of confidence and exploration is also closely tied with embracing who we are and stepping into that truth.

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This also means that any changes that do occur will be because we’ve stopped trying to be anyone or anything but ourselves, which means they are more grounded and bringing in the Taurean energy.

We are nearing the eclipse window that will kickstart 2020. Only days away on the 26th, we will begin this season with our Solar Eclipse and new moon in Capricorn, which means that the unpredictable nature will be heightened. Eclipses are always a time of sudden change and path redirection, and in combination with this Uranus energy, it means we should expect anything, including the impossible or scenarios where we have long given up hope.

What we must understand is that while Uranus is in Taurus looking to create lasting change, Sun is in Capricorn wanting to create and build something from an authentic place. It’s also a sign that doesn’t mind making the hard choices and can justify them with a greater journey in mind. For us, we must recognize that this is occurring around the time many will be celebrating the holidays with family.

While we love our family, it’s not easy to be ourselves around them or even feel like we can. This sextile and impending Eclipse Season may cause some bumps in holiday celebrations this year.

The best thing to do is try to live your truth, even if in small changes, without feeling the need to prove anything to anyone. The thing with our truth is that it only really matters to us. If we are happy with our lives, if we are living by our own north star and listening to our internal compass, we don’t need the outside validation to know we’re making the right choice.

We know the right choice by how it feels, and maybe some of us need to experience every wrong one first. What we also must recognize is that it gets a lot easier to start making different choices when we change how we live our lives.

This transit is all about starting off the new year on a different note. This year, we’re encouraged to step up, make the hard choices and live our truth right from the beginning with a renewed sense of confidence.

Our comfort zones are always the place where we experience the greatest ease, except what we often find is that the greatest discomfort we feel is trying to fit somewhere we just don’t belong. Together, Sun and Uranus will help us take that deep breath and do what we’ve been longing to for some time: step into our truth with a renewed commitment to live it — not for anyone else but ourselves.

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