What The Mars-Saturn Sextile Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until Summer 2020

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Why The Mars Saturn Sextile Will Be A Turning Point For Us All This Month
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We will get an added boost of motivation and energy when our zodiac signs experience Mars sextile Saturn, with Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. This transit occurs on December 19th, ushering in the redetermination to accomplish everything we’ve dreamed of, including what once seemed impossible.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a positive energetic window which will affect our love horoscopes, lives, and the patterns or new cycles that will be initiating around this time.

The last time this transit occurred was in November of 2018, which means it will be important to reflect on that time so we can garner exactly how this new transit impacts our lives until the next one occurs in the summer of 2020.

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Mars is the planet that not only governs the divine masculine, but also drive and ambition; Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac and is known for putting us in those situations that we need to learn and incorporate boundaries within.

Last year, we can reflect to November specifically, looking at the masculine in our lives or that type of energy we had to harness, and how it related to us digging deep and harnessing that drive to instill boundaries in a specific area of our lives. More than likely, it was a moment we had been building to for a period as Saturn’s lessons always tend to take the longer course.

For us, we can take a moment and look back on the past year. We can see where we’ve grown, and where we’ve gained a better understanding of boundaries both for ourselves and others. We can also see where we are stepping into that masculine energy as women, feeling ourselves come into balance, and how the men in our lives have been on a journey to define their own masculinity for themselves.

It’s been a year of learning some important lessons and then take and make practical changes. But things are different now. Not only has it been a year, but many planets have changed signs, and while we always think of going back, it’s impossible because we can only go forward from this point on.

This doesn’t mean those parts of our pasts aren’t meant to return, but it means we must respect and appreciate where we are now and that we will be experiencing it.

At the time of this transit, Mars is in Scorpio, an interesting combination for this masculine fire sign. Normally ruled by Aries, this is a sign that often acts first and thinks last, sometimes not even thinking.

Mars isn’t known for being comfortable with his feelings or even knowing what it means to act from his heart, but in Scorpio he’s having to face some seriously uncomfortable truths, especially about anything he has buried below the surface.

Scorpio is a very deep-water sign, and as most water signs go, they are known for being more emotional. But this sign is a bit different. Whereas Scorpio cares, he also likes to reveal, to dive deep into truth, and to not shy away from the dark parts of life.

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Mars in this sign means he’s feeling more of what is inconvenient, more truth, more feelings and, yes, even love. But it’s also about us reflecting on taking that deep energy from Scorpio, and incorporating that drive and motivation with Mars.

This combination means that while we are feeling our emotions, we’re also going to be more motivated and determined when it comes to what matters most to us. Whether it’s a relationship or career, this is a time when we feel a renewed sense of drive and ambition; however, Saturn may also throw a few surprises into the mix too.

Saturn is the lord of time and karma, so we may see some unexpected events around this time that are fated or feel as if they are meant to be. Especially if we’ve spent time, perhaps even the last year, clearing and working through our karmic debt.

This means that while we’re feeling more passionate and inspired, we’re also feeling braver thanks to Mars, so any opportunities or chances that come our way, we’re going to feel more confident in taking.

Mars and Saturn together ask us to step into our power regardless of whether which gender we align with. It asks us to take chances, to let ourselves feel at the top of our game, in charge and confident, because it’s about having earned where we currently are.

A sextile often has some karmic principles associated with it because whatever occurs is something we’ve sown through our actions or words. This is the circle being completed, and we’re now in the place to not only see the benefit or repercussions of the path we’ve chosen in the past, but we’re also ready to step into our future.

Everything that happens does so at the perfect time, and while at so many different moments we may become discouraged or feel as if we’re unsure if we’re even on the right path, we must remember that success in anything — whether love, career, life or even personally related — is a journey.

There is no fast track to success, and there is no shortcut. Instead, we are only asked to make the most of every opportunity, to work our hardest and smartest, and to simply do our best.

Yet what we also learn is that as we grow, our best changes. What we were capable of yesterday will be superseded by what we can do tomorrow, so part of what Mars and Saturn are here to remind us is that while there is no shortcut on this path, it’s also okay to be appreciative of where we are in this moment.

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