How Mercury Moving Into Sagittarius On December 9th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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How Mercury In Sagittarius Will Affect Our Lives For The Next Month
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We finally feel like we get a breath of fresh air in our lives as Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 9th, breaking his two-month stint in Scorpio that has affected us all. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communication, and depending upon which zodiac sign he is transiting through, we can feel the affect of that within our lives differently.

Largely because of his last retrograde of the year, Mercury is just finishing up an extraordinary two months in the intense water sign of Scorpio, which left us all a little worn out and exhausted from constantly being so serious and deep within ourselves. But as we see with astrology, that dive deep was necessary.

Now that Mercury in Sagittarius is here, this sign is going to ask all of us to take what we’ve learned and apply it to our future.

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Mercury tends to move through signs quickly at one per month, which is why his two-month stay in one sign had such an affect on us and the conversations we were having with others. Add into that a very intense retrograde period and a post-shadow phase that felt like it would never end, and it’s no wonder it might take us a little bit to figure out how to harness this new Sagittarius energy.

In Sagittarius, Mercury isn’t at his best, which means we might have a more difficult time having our thoughts and actions align. In astrological terms, Sagittarius is one of the two signs, the other being Pisces, that he is in detriment in. Detriment is just a fancy word for difficulty, but that is a really outdated way of looking at the stars and planets.

As we all know, just because something can be challenging, it doesn’t mean it’s not necessary or that something positive can’t come from it. But it can give us an idea that perhaps the next month or so we’re going to have to be extra careful about what we say before we say it.

Mercury is the planet that likes to think and communicate. Very mentally stimulated, Mercury likes to be ten steps ahead and to talk everything out. But Sagittarius is different. Sagittarius is a watcher, an observer, and one that prefers action to lots of words.

In this case, these two are at odds or contrasting one another. Mercury wants to talk it out and Sagittarius just wants to do something about it.

This is especially noticeable within our romantic relationships. As the calendar year ends, we all tend to do a mental evaluation on our relationship. Is it where we want to be? Are we moving in the same direction? Is this adding value to my life?

Most of us don’t want to start the New Year having to clean up or deal with baggage from the previous year. Usually, this is the perfect time for us to have some Mercury in Capricorn grounding energy because we usually see this planet’s Sagittarian transit closer to the start of the Sun’s season in the same sign.

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But this year is different. This year we’ll pretty much be ending 2019 thinking about what we want to change, but still feeling like it’s difficult to move forward or to get our outside to align with our inside. The biggest obstacle we could face is that while we’re doing this mental reflection on our romantic relationship, Sagittarius may want us to just charge ahead: to breakup, to end a relationship, or even to take that big step and say we want to move in, or that we need some sort of commitment moving forward.

It’s not that it’s wrong of us to feel this need to act or do something, but when we’re feeling anxiety or haste in doing so, we’re also more likely to have a regret later. No one wants to have a regret. No one wants to wake up a year from now wishing we hadn’t ended the relationship we had or that maybe we should have been just a little more patient, a little more honest in our communication.

But we can’t go back; we can’t always fix something or take it back once it was said or done, which is why, during this transit specifically, we need to take our time to make sure we mean what we say, and that we can stand behind any action we take.

With Mercury just having left his post-retrograde shadow zone on the 7th, we’re also feeling that rush to move forward after being stagnant for so long. But before we do that, we must just sit with it. It’s better to take time to make the right choice than to rush into the wrong one because we didn’t give ourselves the opportunity to see the difference between the two.

Sagittarius is going to want us to act. We’re going to want to act after not doing a whole lot for two months, or we’re going to want to redo some of the choices we made during the past few weeks while our minds were operating at their highest function.

But Mercury is finally going to feel clear. He’s going to be done with his retrograde, and even if there’s a bit of push and pull between reflecting on the past and dreaming of the future, he is going to be feeling stronger and clearer than he has since September.

This is beneficial energy for us to use, even if we’re told this is his detriment.

To get the most from this transit, it’s best to take everything slow. Don’t necessarily keep things to yourself, but give yourself more time than you normally would to go back over your ideas and words before you express them.

As far as action goes, make sure it’s not spontaneous and that whatever you’re thinking of doing is something you’ve felt for a long time. We don’t necessarily have to express caution during this time, we just have to realize that our words and actions are representative of our truth.

It’s the truth of who we are, how we feel, and what we want. And not only are we at our best when they align — that is when the magic happens too.

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