How The Double Neptune Aspects In Pisces Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until June 2020

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 The Double Neptune Aspects In Pisces Will Affect Our Love Lives Until June 2020
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December takes an interesting turn with the occurrence of two Neptunian aspects in astrology on the 8th, both of which will likely be part of this ushering in of a new romantic phase and love horoscope for all of us. The two transits our zodiac signs will experience are Sun square Neptune, with Sun in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, and Venus sextile Neptune, with Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune isn’t a planet we think deals with love, but while it’s not the type of Venusian love we readily think of, it is one we often associate with fairytale romance. Now, we can all agree love isn’t a fairytale. No relationship is perfect and there are no perfect partners out there; however, when we find someone whose edges magically align with ours, we feel there is something surreal and ethereal about our connection.

This is Neptune. This is that dreamy state of love we sometimes fall into that makes us wonder if we’ve ever loved before. But it’s also representative of a much deeper state of affection.

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Neptune in Pisces is the epitome of a highly evolved spiritual romantic relationship. When we think of twin flames, divine partnership or even soul connections, what we’re really thinking of is how Neptune in Pisces makes us feel about love, which is different than that of Venus. Where Venus, the planet of love, is all about what makes us feel good, it’s not very emotionally deep — unless, of course, it’s transiting through Scorpio. But then there’s a whole host of other issues we must deal with.

In Pisces, Neptune isn’t just about love, or a "too good to be true" feeling; it’s also representative of unconditional love and a highly spiritual connection. This is the belief that there should be more to our relationships than just having a plus one for family gatherings and a date for Friday evenings. This is the way of thinking that has us asking what our purpose is for being together. What can be accomplish together? How is the world a better place because we’ve chosen to love one another?

These are big questions, but Neptune has big ideas. The thing we must contend with these two aspects is that sometimes doubting is easier than having faith. But if we don’t believe something is possible, such as that great love, there is no way it will ever manifest.

The last time our first transit, Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, occurred was in June, and the next time we’ll see this is June 2020. For the most part, this is a very regular transit that occurs every six months, almost on clockwork.

Again, as the eclipses, lunar cycles and so many other aspects in astrology, this sets us up on the six-month timeframe for cycles within our own lives; it's something that, if we’re aware of, we can start making different choices because of it.

A square in astrology is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a stressful or hard aspect. Sometimes they are considered negative aspects, but that isn’t really the case. A square is what brings things to a head, to the point that we can no longer ignore a situation and must act.

In this case, it’s bringing to head something that must deal with our core beliefs (Sun), and the dreams we have for our future (Neptune).

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The Sun represents our inner core, the part of ourselves that makes up who we are. Under the influence of Sagittarius, this means we’re looking ahead, we’re being reflective in how far we’ve come and how far we still must go. But there’s a "but" here. There’s something that is holding us back or making us doubt ourselves.

Whether it’s our belief about what we deserve or even how we feel about ourselves, we’re hitting a snag when we try to move forward. Neptune, ruler of the dream world, unconditional love and spiritual relationships, is trying to coax the Sun along by making it obvious what needs to change.

While we can choose to ignore the truth in our lives, there are those moments when we’re presented with a situation that makes it painfully obvious that we can no longer do that. If the alignment of the Sun and Neptune wasn’t enough, adding to that feeling of waking up and seeing the truth, we have another transit occurring involving Neptune on the same day.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces is all about creating positive feelings and enjoying those we care about the most. A sextile in astrology is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which creates a harmonious and positive transit that emphasizes the balance of karma in our lives.

While this transit can be more sporadic, this is the third of three for this year, yet we won’t experience it again until it occurs once in March 2020.

This means that we’ve been on that journey to different and more evolved relationships this entire year. Neptune and Venus, two of the most love-rich planets in the solar system, have been working together all year to help us see that there’s more to love than just good feelings and pleasure. It’s been about doing the work we needed so we can enjoy a great relationship and feel that we’re fulfilling our purpose as well.

Love is a journey. We must move through various stages and cycles, but for many we’ve been on this path of leaving behind the traditional structures of relationships and stepping into the belief that everything happens for a reason, including who we love. Yet, as we often do, we change our minds on our perspective, so this journey has been about realizing that maybe it wasn’t anything outside of us that was holding us back from moving forward; it was how we felt about ourselves.

So, as we grow and experience, we learn that the more we love ourselves, the easier it is to love others. And it's also easier to accept love, goodness, abundance, and all the amazing things this life has to offer.

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