How Neptune Turning Direct In Pisces Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until June 2020

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How Neptune Turning Direct In Pisces Will Affect Our Relationships Until June 2020
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We are overcome with the magic of life once again when Neptune turns direct on November 27th, softening the edges of reality and making not only love feel a little more fated, but bringing destiny back into our lives.

In astrology, Neptune is the planet that rules our subconscious and dream world. She governs our fantasies, our illusions, sense of magic and feeling of unconditional love; of that divine soulmate connection and all the most beautiful feelings of life.

To every planet there is potentially a dark side, but for the past six months or so, that hasn’t been what we’ve been feeling. Instead, it’s been the absence of magic from our life.

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We’re adults. We’re not supposed to believe in magic, although it seems we secretly still do. Buying candles, wearing crystals and performing cleansing and moon ceremonies — we all strive to bring that sense of "more" into our daily lives. That sense of not just believing but practicing that there is mysticism and an unseen world, which many believe may be even more beautiful than this one.

But this is what we do, because no matter who we are, what we do or even how old we are, we’re still craving that feeling that something bigger than us is at play. Even if we don’t admit it, it’s still there. And Neptune gives us this feeling in the best possible light, especially being at home in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces is magical, but in retrograde motion, we lose that. Life feels more real, more logical and sensible, and we’re having to "adult" like the growing people we are, instead of pulling the petals off daisies and wearing rose crystals in our bras all in the name of love.

During this time, it’s not that we begin to doubt magic or even our need for it in our lives, it’s more of a feeling that something (even if we can’t yet name it) is missing. We might say we have felt off. Maybe we’re more disinterested in love or cynical. But whatever "it" is, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Now, as with any planet, Neptune retrogrades do serve as important times of transformation. We need them, each for a different purpose and reason, but they are all essential.

When Neptune turns retrograde, because the magic is removed from life, so too are the rose-colored glasses. We’re able to see the truth of situations, of feelings and relationships. We see people’s true colors, which also means it becomes impossible to keep our head in the sand and ignore situations that go against our integrity or lack honesty.

During Neptune retrograde, we can’t kid ourselves any longer. But once Neptune turns direct, there are two different events that can happen.

The first is that those relationships or situations that had the veil of illusion ripped from them during the retrograde will be ready to be discussed or altered. It’s unusual for us to make any big changes while Neptune is retrograde, but once the planet turns direct, that sense of magic and hope returns, building our confidence and helping us tackle big issues.

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The thing with Neptune turning direct is that we can’t keep going on as usual. We can’t know the truth but not speak on it, so sometimes if we’ve still been resisting, we will be given a situation in which we can’t ignore, even if we still wanted to.

So, there may be some difficult moments ahead around this time, especially if the truth we’ve been avoiding has anything to do with our relationships. Difficult times are sometimes necessary so we can grow, and let go of those situations and people that are not meant to remain in our lives.

Once we do this — though we won't begin a new Neptunian cycle until June of 2020, when once again this planet will turn retrograde — we’ll be challenged to see if and where we’re avoiding the truth.

Neptune is always helping us peel back illusions that are holding us back from experiencing the best parts of life and love. Just because we regarded one relationship as the best we’ve ever had, it doesn’t mean that if it ends, we won’t find something more amazing than we could even dream of.

Our basis for what defines a great love or an amazing relationship is only determined by what we’ve experienced up to this moment. Rarely can any of us conceive of anything beyond what we’ve experienced, because it’s difficult to embrace the unknown as a possibility. We limit ourselves in this way, often perseverating over a lover because of qualities or traits, never entertaining the possibility of someone who is more incredible.

But the other thing to occur once Neptune turns direct, along with us making big changes in relationships that aren’t measuring up, is rekindling our belief — not just in magic, but in love as well.

Neptune may not be Venus, the planet of love, but it is the one that rules unconditional love, which is often a significant part of soulmate and twin flame relationships. When this planet turns direct, we’re feeling more hopeful and open to having a spiritually deep relationship, as well as our relationship serving more purpose than simply changing our status.

Neptune turning direct is sure to bring some changes to our romantic lives and relationships as November ends and we begin December. But it’s not just about outing the cheaters in our lives and believing in love again — it’s also about letting go of self-limiting beliefs that have held us back from experiencing those magical parts of life.

Because it’s on us to realize this: it’s not just that love really can be that amazing, it's that life can be too.

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