How To Do A Yes - No Tarot Card Reading, For Love & Relationships

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How To Do A Yes/No Love Tarot Card Reading

Treat this reading like your childhood Magic 8 Ball.

We all have great, big questions about our lives that cause stress and anxiety. Few things are more stressful than relationships or love.

Whether you are struggling to decide about a career move that could impact your significant other or deciding whether or not to get married, you have questions about your future that needs answering.

Although it isn’t the most preferred utilization of tarot readings, a yes-no card reading can help guide you in the specific ways you need.

Tarot card readings are all about interpretation.

Using a deck of illustrated cards, your reader will draw cards and place them before you.

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They will then take you through the inferred meaning of each card and how it applies to the things you want to know most from your reading.

What makes a yes-no love tarot card reading different from a traditional one? You must have a very specific need in mind. These kinds of card readings are impossible to complete unless your card reader can understand your request in its fullest form.

For example, approaching your reader with the question, “Will anyone ever want to be in a relationship with me?” is far too broad to get a meaningful reading in return. Instead, direct your question to a specific outcome you are curious about.

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Try asking, “Should I say yes to a date with the new guy I met yesterday?”

These readings are more limiting than other kinds of readings you can receive, but they are helpful in providing clarity about specific hardships you may be experiencing. Our love lives can be confusing and frustrating at times.

Everyone experiences heartache. And these experiences can leave you feeling alone and helpless.

Luckily, the cards can be a source of guidance and inspiration in times of need.

For advice about how to do these kinds of readings, check out our tips below!

1. Identify the areas of your love life that leave you puzzled.

Are you vacillating a breakup? Nervous to ask someone to be more than friends? Feeling stuck in your singularity?

The yes-no card reading can be a quick way to push you to the next step, but first, you have to figure out what you want to know.

Do some independent soul searching to see what exactly it is that you want to know.

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2. Pinpoint a specific choice to make that will change the overall outcome of your romance.

After you have a theme of what you want to know, dial your attention even more specifically.

Think about things you can control that will decide what your love life looks like next. Figure out which decisions will yield the most results.

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3. Ask a clear yes or no question.

Narrow down your options to one, concise question. It should be specific to you and your needs.

Cut the deck until it feels right and keep an open mind to the possible answers.

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4. Evaluate the cards.

Have your card reader interpret the card you draw in response to your question.

Upright vs. Reversed

Sometimes the answer can be as simple as the positioning of the card. If it is upright, it is yes. If it is reversed, it is no.

General Card Interpretation

Some card readers may want to dive a little deeper than the positioning of the card. They may look into the basic meaning of the card and apply it to your specific question to give you a more fulfilling answer.

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5. Leave room for more to be discovered.

Keep your options open beyond a rigid yes or no. Listen to the interpretation of the cards and then interpret that for yourself. You control your destiny, so if something doesn’t sit well with you about your reading, change it!

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6. Go forward with a fresh heart and try your best to manifest your desires!

Remember that you have ultimate control of your life, but this reading can be used as guidance to get you to your finish line.

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