What The Venus-Mars Conjunction Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until July 2021

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How The Venus Mars Conjunction Will Begin A New Era In Our Romantic Lives Until 2021
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It's time to take that first step towards our new beginning.

On August 24th, Venus and Mars will conjunct in Virgo, initiating a brand-new cycle within our romantic lives. In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets are within the same sign, usually within eight degrees of one another.

Venus conjunct Mars is just at the beginning of Virgo at four degrees, and represents a shift in how we approach our relationships and what we choose to give our time to. While this is a one-day transit, because it represents the beginning of a new cycle, we will see this energy guide our lives until July 2021, when we see these two planets meet once again.

Venus represents the divine feminine, and Mars the masculine, so when we see these two meet up together, it means there will be a deep transformation for our romantic lives and how we show up within them.

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Venus is love and beauty, while Mars is ambition and drive. This doesn’t mean that only these traits are considered masculine or feminine, because as we should strive for balance within ourselves, we should incorporate both energies into our lives.

Mars and Venus are also considered the celestial or cosmic loves because of being representative of the masculine and feminine. These two planets sometimes tend to dance around one another, at times coming close, but then drifting away. The same is true for many relationships we often experience in our lives, especially those with a deep spiritual context such as twin flames or soulmates.

The last time these two planets were conjunct was in October of 2017. Think back to what was going on in your life around that time and what the past two years seem to represent. The last conjunction was actually in Virgo as well but occurred during Libra season, which means that while we were focusing on details and plans for our lives, we were also focusing on balance as well.

There likely may be many of us who experienced great changes and dynamics during this previous two-year cycle within karmic, twin flame, and even wound mate relationships. It’s likely that while there were amazing moments over the last cycle, it’s also just as likely that there were heartwrenching moments and great lessons that were finally learned.

During the past two years, we likely grew exponentially thanks to the relationships we engaged in, regardless of which title we attach to them. There may have been lessons involving self-love and authenticity, but underneath it all there was a theme of balance we were seeking within our personal lives and romantic relationships.

This could mean having a healthy family-love dynamic, or a work-love. But regardless of the specifics, we had to learn that the issue was never about the balance itself but in our approach to what we thought defined that feeling.

With both the 2017 transits and this conjunction being in Virgo, it seems that maybe we’re not beginning a new cycle, yet we are; it just may mean we’re not necessarily moving into new partnerships or relationships, but rather, that someone from our past may be coming back in.

This may not feel like great news for those of us who wanted our exes to stay in our past, but we have to remember two things: we always have free will, and things always happen as they are meant to.

The difference with this conjunction is that while, yes, it’s occurring in Virgo again, it’s also happening during Virgo season. It’s happening during a black moon month, which means we are experiencing two new moons, the second one occurring on the 30th.

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New moon months are pinnacles of change and new beginnings, and it’s also the month of our brand-new eclipse cycle, as well as learning what this first retrograde of Uranus in Taurus will mean for our lives.

Just because we’re not done with a particular romantic relationship, it doesn’t mean it’s doomed to forever repeat the same patterns. Just because someone from our past returns, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same. And just because it didn’t work out once (or even twice), it doesn’t mean it won’t work out this time.

Nothing is the same this time around. Things haven’t just changed externally within our lives, but also internally as well. We have spent the last two years looking for balance within our lives realizing that we first needed to create that within ourselves.

We have gone through relationships that hurt us, that chained us, that felt like it was a cage we needed to break away from. And it’s also likely we fell into love so completely and so deeply, we could never imagine a time when it ended. So, when it did, we were thrown off. We weren’t sure what to do next, and we also doubted ourselves and whether or not we even actually experienced what it felt like we did.

Often times, when an ex returns, it’s not our hearts that prevents us from trying again, but our egos. It’s wanting to withhold love from someone that hurt us, and wanting to keep someone categorized as bad or wrong so we can keep the closure tied onto our hearts in nice and neat little knots. But that isn’t life, and it’s certainly not love.

As Venus and Mars meet together in the skies, everything is different this time. Things have been learned, settled, and handled. We’re smarter now — not just because we know what we want, but because we know who we are.

We're done with repeating the same patterns and cycles simply because we’re afraid to get out, and we’re also done with thinking we can predict anything about this incredible life. Because just when we think we know, something happens that proves we don’t.

This is the time to trust, to remain open, and to have faith that everything happens as it’s meant to. It’s the time to go with our first instinct or intuition when it comes to an ex returning, or a new love opportunity.

If our hearts say yes, nothing else matters. We just have to take that first step knowing we don’t need to know what’s next in order to have our new beginning.

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