How Leo Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life Starting July 23rd, 2019

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How Leo Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life Starting July 23rd, 2019
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On July 23rd, the Sun will transit into fiery Leo, initiating a phase of confidence and unwavering belief in ourself and thoughts, and encouraging us to create what we want most. And since this Leo love horoscope will impact all zodiac signs, it's important to understand what we can expect.

In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of Leo, so when these two team up together, the sky is the limit. While there are aspects of this transit to weary of, such as drama, it also benefits us in believing our dreams are worthy.

Occurring during an active time in astrology, Leo season is set to be more powerful than most and will ultimately be the stepping stone into the future that we’ve been dreaming of for some time.

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This energy will be in play until the Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, and until then we have no excuse to not speak and live our truth with conviction.  

Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion. It’s a sign that is confident, passionate and generous. Leo rules the heart, so while we may feel especially driven to follow ours, it’s not for the sake of frivolousness, but purpose.

Leo shows us what matters most and helps give us the confidence to believe we deserve it. We deserve healing. We deserve love and healthy relationships. We deserve passion and excitement. We deserve the best life has to offer because we feel at our best.  

Just a few days after the Sun moves into Leo, Venus does as well, beginning a new phase in how we love. Venus in Leo is all about declarations from the heart, and with the Sun also in Leo, these feelings and desires are based in our inner truth.

The Sun represents our inner self, the soul we truly are, so when he transits through Leo, it become magnified and harder to ignore. While these two are both in this fire sign, we can expect to feel that magnetism and pull towards what and who we love.  

The biggest difference is that with both the Sun and Venus together in this sign, we will know that what we feel is our truth, rather than just a product of our environment or even situation. When we know our thoughts are based in truth, we feel a greater confidence in acting upon them.

This is especially true in relationships; whether it’s because we’ve realized our romantic relationship no longer aligns with our best selves, we desire a greater level of commitment with our partner, or even that we love someone we aren’t yet in union with. If it’s coming up during Leo season, it’s because it’s the truth of our heart, and with the confidence that Leo instills in us it will be impossible to not act upon it.  

Occurring at the end of the month during our Leo season, Mercury turns direct, which enables us to move forward with greater ease.

While during Cancer season we were asked to think about what the themes of love, family and home mean to us, in Leo season and once Mercury turns direct, we will be able to act upon it. For those relationships or situations that seemed to stalemate over the past few weeks, once we get into Leo season, we will see things progress, sometimes even more quickly than we had anticipated.

Because of this, it’s important to trust in what we are feeling, constantly checking in and connecting to our hearts to make sure we are still in alignment with our highest self.  

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Beginning August 1st, we have a new moon in Leo. Now, the Sun, Venus, and the moon are all together in this heart-centered fire sign. We will be feeling like we’re on the same page with our partner because the Sun represents the masculine, the moon the feminine, and Venus, love. This is reciprocated love, future plans, and feeling like our lover just "gets" us.

It is setting up the month of August to be one that will be pivotal in many relationships, as long as we understand that things always happen when and how they are meant to. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is hold space so life can reveal itself to us.  

On August 8th, the Lion’s gate portal opens (8/8) and we experience a trine between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, which will give a very magical divine feeling to this day. The Lion’s Gate portal is when the Sun is in Leo, the star Sirius is closest to earth and aligns with Orion’s belt, which comes into perfect alignment with the pyramids in Giza.

It’s a time when not only are our hearts being opened to our inner truth, but we are feeling the truth that we are all divine beings of light. We just need to tap into that essence within ourselves.  

Shortly after that, we see Jupiter turn direct again, but Uranus now turns retrograde in Taurus, which means that while we are able to actually move forward in our lives based in truth, we're still going to face the unexpected knowing that, regardless of the love or passion we feel for our partners, we still need to focus on building a strong foundation together.  

On August 11th, Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Leo, which means that how we communicate is in alignment with our hearts. Mercury leaves his shadow zone from July’s retrograde on the 15th, so we can expect to see things really pick up around this time.

We will be in the position to not only feel connected to our truth, but speak from this place as well, so that when we are communicating with our partner or potential partner, we will experience greater clarity.  

While Leo season itself is all about following our hearts, it’s also about truth and the obstacles we sometimes have to conquer in order to live a life that is based in that virtue. Leo season will begin with insight and passion, and will end with changes and forward movements in our relationships.

Yet, even the unexpected is a gift because while we can sit back and plan our lives, what we often find is that the best moments and relationships are those we never saw coming. 

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