What The Sun-Saturn Sextile Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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How Saturn is Showing us How to Overcome What is Holding Us Back in Our Relationships
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The moment everything changes.

On March 9th, when the Sun sextile Saturn — with the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn — it will begin creating the opportunity for us to not only see what has been holding us back but also give us the chance to work to overcome it. It's big news for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, as we will be more in touch with our feelings.

In astrology, a sextile is when planets are within 60 degrees of one another and form a beneficial aspect, one that will help us feel more positive and be more strategic about making plans. The Sun always represents our sense of self, and Saturn represents the boundaries that we either have instilled or those that hold us back.

In this case, we will be focusing on the restrictions that are present in our romantic relationships. While this is a quick-moving transit, it is also the only sextile involving these two for the entire year, so it will pack a punch and will linger at least until the end of Pisces season, if not longer.  

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Many times it’s how we view things that hold us back, not the people or circumstances in our lives. It’s the limits we believe are present based on our fears or even perceptions about those in our lives. We see things as over, impossible, too difficult or not worth the effort, and because of that we create the restrictions or boundaries in our lives.

Pisces is no stranger to feelings; in fact, this water sign usually has no problem being into their emotional world. But that doesn’t mean we all are so comfortable doing so. Being in our feelings an be uncomfortable because of the realness that is present. It’s not being able to escape what is honest and having to deal with the ins and outs of our triggers, our responses, and if we are living according to the truth of our hearts.  

While this truth is synonymous with love relationships, it also goes even deeper. This applies to whether we’re working, living and interacting with others according to what we feel internally and what truly resonates with us. As for relationships, it becomes even more complex, because even though we may be with someone, it doesn’t mean we necessarily love them; just because we love someone doesn’t mean we even speak to them on a daily basis.

This is unfortunately the hard truth that this aspect may bring our way. It's the dark, disorientating truth that will bring about those moments where we’re faced to do something about it or go back to trying to pretend we don’t feel anything.  

We just entered our first retrograde period of 2019 and it involves Pisces, as does much of the astrology this month. The overwhelming message is that we better get comfortable digging deep into our emotional truth because we’re not going to be able to escape it this time around.

What is interesting as well is how this sextile coincides around the time of the new moon (also in Pisces), as well as Uranus finally changing signs for the next seven years. There is a new life phase beginning, but that also means one is ending if it hasn’t already.  

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When we think in terms of our lives, we often think in decades; however, Uranus changes sign every seven years, and because he is the great awakener, we can usually see our lives dramatically shift in accordance with his transits. In this case, think back to 2012 and reflect on what has occurred during the past seven years, especially in terms to our sense of self and core identity (Sun). We are usually more comfortable dealing with external situations than those that are closest to our hearts, and if it involves love, family and even the expectations we had for our lives. 

Saturn is the planet that is known as the Lord of Time and Karma. He believes in boundaries, but can also restrict us at times because of our own perceptions or truth. In this case, we aren’t just being asked to face a part of ourselves that we’ve ignored, but we’re doing so because we are on the verge of a major life shift thanks to Uranus.

This is a big ending of the chapter and beginning of a new one. 2019 is just the start of it, so even though it’s likely we are going to start to see things move fast, it doesn’t mean we’re going to see where it’s going to lead us until 2020.

The Sun in Pisces has us focusing on our feelings, not just romantically but also how we connect to the deeper world. Being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, it’s often considered the most intuitive and spirtual. The Sun wants us to come back to ourselves, the one that was there before we took on the garbage of anyone else. We’re being asked to look at our hearts, and with Saturn on the scene, we'll have to be honest about where we hold ourselves back.  

Where have we made excuses because it seemed easier than trying? Where did we block our feelings because they were too hard to deal with? These are just some of the questions that Saturn in Capricorn will be triggering for us. In the earth sign of Capricorn, Saturn wants to get real about doing the work, about digging out from holes that we’ve dug for ourselves, and also making sure we are working from the ground up so we can build something stable and firm.  

This is just the first step, though. This is when the trigger gets pulled and we see things, not as we fear or even wish them to be, but as they are. It’s the moment when we can feel ourselves on the ledge, knowing just one step forward and we will never be the same again.  

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