What The March 6th New Moon In Pisces Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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Let it be over.

On March 6th, we will experience a powerful new moon in Pisces, a dreamy a deep-thinking zodiac sign, that will help us bring closure and resolution to some long-held issues or situations. While new moons in astrology are traditionally a time of beginnings, in this case, because of Mercury retrograde beginning just a day before, we will focus more on clearing and wrapping up personal matters.

However, just because we aren’t going to be leaping into newness right now, it doesn’t mean we’re still not starting that new chapter for ourselves, whether in terms of our career, relationships, or personal life. And the love horoscope for this transit will do just that.

There is a mirroring quality of the energy of this new moon, as Mercury will conjunct the same degree as this moon once it turns direct later in the month. This suggests that we will need the month of March to put to rest something that likely has been causing disruption or chaos for quite some time.

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This means that while an ending is part of the beginning we’re so in need of, we’re going to be in this Piscean energy until the new moon in Aries on April 5th.

New moons are about beginnings, new chapters. We love them and we love to set intentions and have nothing but hope that this is the time when things will suddenly come together in the way we always hoped they would. But, we must clear things up from our pasts before we get that new beginning. We need to learn the lessons, set the boundaries and make peace with what occurred so we won’t use it as a reason to push away whatever newness is trying to come into our lives.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so it’s also this energy of completion that we will find ourselves considering deeply — not just around the time of the full moon but also for the following few weeks. Think back to March of 2018. What was going on during that time for you? What was taking root? What felt like the right direction for you? What struggles still loomed large for you?

More than likely, these issues that we can recollect from last winter made a reappearance around the Pisces full moon at the end of August of last year. During this time period, we likely saw a progression of both growth and fears. Whatever we were thinking or worried about the most, we likely saw become a reality for us at the end of last summer.  

But it’s been about six months since then, so here we are, right back at our new moon in Pisces, once again face to face with some of the lingering feelings of what this sign has been trying to get us to look at since last year. The difference is that now it’s time to let go. Now is the time to make peace. To own our part in whatever occurred, but also to not take on the victim role.

No one makes us stay in situations and no one forces us to leave. No one makes us run away or sabotage situations. It's solely on us. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we would like them to, simply because we can’t imagine how it would. We can’t connect the dots and we even doubt we are deserving of whatever is trying to work its way into fruition, so we ruin something before it even has the chance to begin.  

The wrench in all of this closure is Mercury in retrograde. This transit is famous for bringing back old loves, flames, and those relationships that were cut short. This transit likes to redo and is well known for making the impossible happen.

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Sometimes, though, we’re so fearful of repeating the past that we inadvertently sabotage our future. We will be encouraged to tie up loose ends and bring closure to relationships and even situations, but it may not be in the ways we think.

We might have to go back to get ahead. This means that during this Pisces new moon, we’re going to have to suspend our belief about what is possible, about what we expect, or even how we believe things will go down for us. We can’t really plan for how things will go when it involves another because they are such a large variable. We change. People change. Life changes us, and Pisces appreciates this process.

The sign of the fish is always swimming in opposite directions but still moving nonetheless. It's still going with the flow and being able to see any situation from either side. This is the benefit of Pisces, and for these next few weeks we will be asked to be a little more like the fish: to watch, observe, go with the flow and look at things from fresh perspectives.

Often, we think of closure or endings and we automatically associate the absence of someone or something in our lives. However, closure could also mean the end of a tumultuous situation. It could mean people are brought back together, and the idea of closure could also be a beginning as well. It just depends on what perspective you view it through.

Pisces is the most spiritual of the zodiac and truly intuitive, as long as they don’t let their fears get in the way of what they inherently feel. We know what we need to focus on. We know what we need to bring closure to. We know the conversations that we need to have. And perhaps, most importantly, we know the truth. Our truth. We know where our hearts lay, we know who they beat for, and we know who we truly are. 

And so, sometimes we just have to focus on moving forward and letting everything just fade away. Only we can choose to leave the past behind, and it often begins with the decision to just let it be over. Because an ending is always a doorway to a new beginning.

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Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.

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