What The Venus Moving Into Aquarius Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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Venus in Aquarius
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Just because it feels different, it doesn’t mean it’s not love.

On March 1st, we start off a brand new month when Venus moves into Aquarius. This transit in astrology is creating a completely different environment for our love lives and wallets over the course of the next few weeks.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, also governs our finances and material luxuries, and depending upon which sign she is in, we can see changes in perspective and desires within our own lives. But what does Venus in Aquarius have in store for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes? 

Well, Aquarius is a very free and independent sign but is also very untraditional, which means we’re going to be throwing out not just the rule book on love, but for life in general. This energy will be lingering through the majority of the month, including during a Mercury retrograde, until the 26th when our planet of love enters Pisces.

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Venus has just been finishing up her stint in Capricorn which lasted for the majority of February. Capricorn’s energy is more pragmatic and logical, and during this transit we were focused more on the common place, the regular, and building foundations. We were concerned with doing the right thing and making the right choices; however, as we begin to feel more under the influence of Aquarius, we’ll start to wonder why.

We’ll begin to feel a shift from making sure we’re doing the right thing to doing what we want. It will be about us looking at if we’re living the life we want and being true to ourselves.

Now, this will not be the same thing as the mushy-gushy wearing our heart on our sleeve energy that signs like Pisces are famous for. On a whole, Aquarians are more detached, not necessarily unfeeling, but they are only going to go big over something that connects and triggers that place within their hearts.

Aquaris don’t fall in love with just anyone for any reason, and while they can be very passionate it’s only going to be in cases where they feel a connection and feel like they can be themselves. Aquarius is an air sign and one that tends to be very unique and individualist.

They are a true rebel always looking for a cause greater than themselves and willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference. This is very different than the energy of Capricorn we’ve been under the influence of. If Aquarius isn’t feeling something, they sure aren’t going to stick with it or talk themselves into anything.

For these reasons, this sign can be seen as selfish or too picky. But the truth is, they really only do all or nothing. They only go all in for the situations that really matter, that affect them deeply, and that they feel will be of significance.

With Venus in this sign, we’re going to be more attracted to the different, the unusual, and also craving more independence and freedom in our relationships. It’s not to say that we’re going to break up during this time, even though we do see that happening more frequently in a sign like this.

What this really means is that we might just need some time, even in the healthiest of relationships, or we might want to do our own thing. What will be the most deciding factor for those existing relationships is if our partners are understanding when we may experience a greater need for space.

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Space and independence within relationships is a very healthy aspect, and those that have more tend to also be significantly healthier than those that don’t. When we and our partners are at peace with giving and receiving space in our relationships, it also means we support one another, we trust each other, we are confident and not insecure.

Aquarius loves this because it means those relationships that come together or are strengthened during this time are done so because both people are equals. It means that both people respect and care for one another, and that the growth of both may have to come before the traditional aspects of a relationship.

For those who are single, we will be more apt to go out, take chances, and bring our authenticity into the datingscene. However, we will also be feeling very secure with our singledom. We will have greater trust in knowing we will meet those people we’re meant to, when we’re meant to, and because of that we’ll find ourselves enjoying life just a little bit more.

What the Venus-Aquarius season brings doesn’t always feel like the love we’ve become used to. The love of Aquarius is open and free; it doesn’t assume or cling. It’s not needy or obsessive and there definitely aren’t any codependency traits within it.

Aquarius love is looking at why two people are together. Are they truly helping one another be their best selves? Are they helping one another become stronger and more inspired? Overall, it’s being more aware of the value that another brings to our lives, instead of the mushy or gushy.

At times it’s hard to determine if what we’re feeling is love, especially if it’s unlike anything that we’ve ever felt before. Sometimes we don’t know that this feeling of independence or even freedom is the type of love we’ve been in need of all along.

But this is what Aquarius wants us to learn: just because it feels different, just because it’s not texting us 24/7, or asking for plans every day, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not love. Because sometimes what we think is love really is just fear of being alone.

And sometimes what we dismiss as just a friend or even as something more casual ends up being the love we’ve been searching for all along.

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