How The Wild March 2019 Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

Astrology and Love Forecast for March
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Finding the strength to walk your own way.

As we begin March, many are wondering where the first two months of the year went, as it seems to have been blurred by the anticipation of wondering when we were going to feel this promised new energy of 2019. Well, March may be exactly what we’ve all been waiting for.

While each month is new, they don’t always have a very distinctive energy, especially if certain transits in astrology carry over from one to another. However, with the monthly love horoscope for March 2019, we are firmly leaving behind the false ambivalence of January, the deep healing of February, and now are finally ready to take some new steps into uncharted territory. And for the zodiac signs, that's what the March 2019 love horoscope is all about.

Beginning March 1st, Venus slides into Aquarius, which will have a very different feel than Capricorn. Venus in Aquarius is looking for something different, something more unique, and she isn’t afraid to anger some people in order to get it.

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Venus is the planet of love and money, and Aquarius is a very free and liberated sign. Aquarius doesn’t usually get too caught up in feelings and can even be accused of being detached. This may seem like it will make Venus uncomfortable, and while it may take some getting used to, it’s going to be giving us more freedom and independence in our relationships.

It’s not that we don’t want to spend time with those that we love, but rather, we just don’t want to lose who we are in any relationship. And Venus in Aquarius takes the "me" and blends it together with the "we."

Most of March will center around us making new and different choices in our love lives, whether that means going for the person you wouldn’t normally be attracted to, or even having more confidence and independence in choosing someone who feels right for you regardless of what others say.

This may not be a gushy love, but it is going to have a lot of honesty and authenticity. It’s going to involve both partners working together, and it’s likely that it’s going to feel like a very different romantic energy than we saw most of last year.  

Just a few days later, we begin the first planetary retrograde as Mercury moves in Pisces until the 28th. Interestingly, we know Mercury retrogrades are famous for bringing back exes or situations we thought were done and over. And with Venus in Aquarius, it could make for some definite blasts from the pasts.

But we will be approaching it differently so we very well may see new results. Mercury’s retrograde will center around love and relationships thanks to Pisces, so even though Valentine’s Day is over, it seems as if March will be more about new love, new developments and changes than we’ve seen for some time.  

On March 6th, we see a new moon in Pisces, so more of that watery, dreamy, loving energy, and Uranus moves into Taurus until 2026. This is not a small movement. The further outreaching planets don’t change signs as often, so when they do, there tends to be some big changes and developments.

For us, this also must deal with our relationships. Last year, Uranus moved into Taurus but only for a short period of time, because he moved back into Aries. And when he did, there was something we all had missed. We had thought that we were on the right track, but the Universe had other plans.  

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Now as Uranus moves into Taurus permanently, we will start to see some of the energies return. Think back to May to November of 2018 last year. It’s likely that during Uranus' retrograde in Aries, those months provided some major upheaval and change you likely didn’t see coming.

We had to face parts of ourselves and our lives that we had tried not to. We had to reorganize and deal with what was in front of us. The thing is that many of us want to move on, to jump ahead into the amazing, but don’t want to have to do the work to get there.  

Uranus made sure that we went back and learned, fixed things, and even gained greater understanding. If anyone is left still unsure or uncertain about issues from May-November of last year, it’s likely we will start to see some true clarity and healing as Uranus moves into Taurus once and for all.  

The middle of the month is packed full of a lot of transits involving the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, making sure we are focusing on what we want, what our hearts are telling us, and that this time we are speaking up.

There is no keeping any skeletons in the closet this month. While we can still be uncertain, it’s also a time when we literally can’t get away from the truth, which will also tie into Mercury retrograde and bring up any issues with past loves.  

On the 20th, we see Aries season begin, and with it a brand new astrological year. It’s a time when we can breathe deep and know that we have a whole new cycle ahead of us. The fire energy of Aries will be a welcome change, and having learned so much since December when we last had fire energy, we will be able to make some forward movement finally, even if going forward actually means going back.

To end the month, we have a full moon in Libra, the last of our triad of supermoons, so it’s likely there will be a pinnacle when something will be coming full circle. We will likely see something in our lives reach a point of growth or clarity, even harvest time, that we have put the work into previously.  

And lastly, sweet Venus gives up her independence and moves into all-encompassing Pisces. Once we’ve taken that journey into ourselves and have found ourselves, we’re ready to come together with another.

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