10 Reasons You Don't Want (Or Need!) A Winter Cling This Holiday Season

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10 Reasons Being Single For The Holidays Is Better Than Having A Winter Cling
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Being single for the holidays is underrated.

The night creeps in by 5 p.m., it’s officially sweater weather and we just recently had our first snow fall. You know what that means?

A Winter Cling is upon us.

For those of you who don’t know, a Winter Cling is someone you couple up with for the months of November until late March.

They’re not necessarily someone you see yourself with long-term. They’re just someone whom you can share a Netflix account and snuggle with when it's too cold to do anything else. They’re also someone you know you’re going to ditch come April when you have to get ready for a summer fling.

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I know it sounds harsh. Who dates with the intention of breaking up? Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can partially blame Mother Nature for your urge to be with someone when the elements are so tough.

I’m here to advise you against that urge. Don’t get caught up with a Winter Cling. I believe in your will power! More importantly, there are so many reasons you don’t actually need one and should resist the urge for a seasonal fling this winter. What you want isn’t enough to endure the next months of the cold with someone.

You’re fierce and will be fine battling the cold without getting sicked into a short-term relationship you know won't last.

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Here's why you don’t need that Winter Cling.

1. April will come before you know it.

Spring may seem far away but April showers that bring in May flowers will sneak up on you faster than you can blink. Then you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that your Winter Cling won’t fit your criteria for a summer fling. The emotions and drama that can come from a breakup are just as real even though you knew it wouldn't last.

2. You don’t actually like him.

You like the idea of him. You like the thought of snuggling up to someone who is warm and whose body heat will consume you when it's snowing outside. But that’s all surface-level attraction. When it gets dark at 5 p.m., you like the idea of having someone to come over but being with someone just because it’s cold and dreary doesn’t make it right.

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3. You’ll have to share the blankets.

This doesn’t sound like a bad thing but hear me out: You used to be able to wrap yourself up in a blanket, all toasty in bed, without worrying about someone else getting enough of the covers to be warm. Now you’re sharing that bed with a partner who not only takes up room but also steals the blanket. When he’s not cuddling you, you’re left cold and alone when you could’ve been at least warm had he not been in the picture.

4. You can skip the post breakup conversation with your parents.

You’ll bring him home for Thanksgiving and everyone will love him. You’ll trade presents for Christmas because it seems like a natural thing to do. Then the sun finally comes out and your vision clears. You’re going to realize that all along this Winter Cling was someone you could just get through those gray skies with. You’ll have to explain to everyone why it simply didn’t work out when you could have just avoided the whole ordeal and saved the introductions and explanations.

5. You won’t have to meet any extra family members.

Without a Winter Cling, you don’t have to meet other people or invest in lives you know aren’t going to be permanently in yours. Relish in the fact that you won’t have to meet your fling's side of the family and perform the “good” girlfriend bit. You have enough going on with your own family anyway.

6. You’ll save money on the long term.

Christmas is nearly here and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you hook up with a partner you're only keeping around for the season you’ll be spending funds on someone you know you'll break things off with. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on something you’ve been dying to get for yourself?

7. You won’t have to go through memory lane.

Reliving the past is tough after a breakup. You’re going to have to do it once you end things with Winter Cling. I’m talking about all those photos by turkey at Thanksgiving to the ones by the Christmas tree — everything has got to go. You’ll have to relive something that was once so meaningful over and over again when you could save yourself that pain altogether by avoiding the urge to settle down for loneliness' sake.

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8. You don’t have to share your food.

As most couples go, sharing food is something that happens. I’m territorial though. If you wanted fries, you should’ve ordered some! But because of my good-willed nature, I will share with my significant other. Now, this doesn’t have to be the case if you skip the Winter Cling altogether. You can have all the fries to yourself and no one will say anything.

9. No shave November can be extended!

You won’t feel the pressure to shave when you’re not in a relationship. Plus, during the winter months, you need to keep as much warmth in your body as humanly possible. As such, not shaving will definitely keep you super warm and no one will even know why you're warmer than them!

10. You’re valuable and worthy just as you are.

You don’t need a man, woman or a Winter Cling to validate that. You can be your own person and love yourself without having a man by your side. Plus it’ll only complicate the rest of 2019 if you begin the year with one you don't expect to keep.

If you have a Winter Cling this season, that’s cool. But also take the time to reflect that you don’t need a partner to get through the darkness. You have the power and your own light to guide you through.

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