What The October 5th Venus Retrograde Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next 40 Days

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Venus retrograde
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It doesn’t matter how many times it takes to get things right.

On October 5th, we will begin our 40-day long retrograde period with Venus, the planet that governs, love, beauty and finances. What is unique about this Venus retrograde is that she begins her journey in Scorpio but then turns direct in Libra, representing two very distinctive and different energies that can help each zodiac sign define the type of love we all dream of.

While Venus retrogrades are known for causing us to reevaluate our relationships, our ideal of beauty and our wallet, this particular one will be all about the relationships. In many ways, we’ve been waiting for this all year because Scorpio-Venus retrogrades are more powerful and transformative than any other sign in astrology. There is no other zodiac sign that’s going to give us the courage to go deep into our hearts and desires like Scorpio.

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Beginning this 40-day retrograde period, with that number being tied to religious texts as one of promises kept after a period of challenges, our planet of love takes us through the underworld of Scorpio. This intense water sign is incapable of being like everyone else, and is unable to keep things light.

During this part of the retrograde period we can expect to experience alchemy of our hearts and relationships. Scorpio is the sign of death, and while nothing will literally be dying, in order for something new to emerge, something else has to fall to the wayside.

For many of us we’ve been working our way through the inner dialogues and pictures of our subconscious as being the major roadblock to us manifesting our deepest desires for our lives. This year is an "11" year, and in numerology not only is it a master number — a number of new beginnings — but it's also connected to deep, spiritual soul contract relationships like that of a twin flame.

That means we’ve been asked to take a walk through our depths this past year, to look at the relationships we have in our lives, what purpose they serve, the lessons we are meant to absorb, and if they reflect who we were or who we are growing into.

Sometimes it seems that before we’re able to grow into the people and relationships that truly align with our soul, what has to die is ourselves. We have to let the old us die, the old idea of who we are or how we would live ourselves. We have to let our old limited dreams perish and, along with them, everything that we thought was possible.

The truth is life and love are so much more if only we believe it’s possible. Yet to believe it’s possible, we also have to let go of what we considered impossible.

Many of those amazing once-in-a-lifetime type of relationships feel impossible because there is always an obstacle. No great love story can be great without first having to overcome something that felt like it would never occur. Sometimes it’s distance, our pasts or families, but often times, the biggest obstacle is ourselves.

Scorpio wants us to dive deep within this idea, to investigate how our beliefs have limited us, and where we could go from here if only we released ourselves from where we were.

Another important aspect of the influence of Scorpio and Venus is a very intense, almost obsessive, all or nothing type quality to certain relationships. While it wouldn’t be uncommon for relationships to become more intense during this time, we do have to be wary of whether it’s because that connection is actually present or if we’re getting caught up in a love at first sight moment.

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In order to really harness this Venus-Scorpio energy, we have to let ourselves feel everything, which may mean that we realize we are still healing from past relationships, that we still have some fear we’re holding onto, or even that we question or doubt our worthiness. We have to essentially accept our darkness before we’re able to truly walk into the light of a loving, healthy relationship.

With Venus retrograde, we cycle back around to different themes in our lives, and since it takes 8 years for Venus to make her way back to the same spot in the heavens, we can think back to the fall of 2010 and what was occurring for us around that time. Were we meeting someone who would become a valuable lesson? Beginning the end of a relationship? Struggling to define ourselves and our place in the world?

This retrograde isn’t here to bring up old wounds but to finally help us move past them. It’s almost as if we are going to be reminded once again of what we wanted so bad the last time Venus was in Scorpio. And while maybe back then we weren’t able to get what we wanted, we’re not going to let this opportunity pass us by again.

This time, it’s all or nothing. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, or nothing we were actually ever to believe in. 

It’s the love we’ve spent our whole life looking for or the chance we were just never able to take. And this time it just comes down to us and whether we’re able to finally make the choice to go for the life and love we’ve always wanted.

During this time, we can expect some difficult moments as we face the darker parts of ourselves and others, including our romantic partner. It can also be a time of sudden transformation. So those who have already done the work could find themselves married by the end of the month or waking up to the love of their life every morning.

Things can turn very quickly during this time, especially if we make the choice to let go of how we thought life would go. Because when it’s something we truly want, it doesn’t matter how many times it takes to get it right. 

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