Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of September 10-16, 2018

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It's all about the choices we make.

Life is a game of choices. The choice to date somebody or not. To love somebody or not. To dump somebody or not. But all choices are not easy. What about those times when we want both the paths in front of us? When we want to stay and want to leave?

Well, your zodiac sign's weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for September 10 to 16, 2018  is going to dive deep into that very topic and discuss what you can do: to finally make a decision if you have been stuck at the crossroads in your love life for some time now.

Ready to see what the Tarot has to say? Let's get to it.

ARIES: Prince of Cups

Your heart has started to stray, Aries. You don't know when it happened or exactly how, but you have developed feelings for somebody who is not your main man or woman. Beware of the spell of infatuation! You just might end up losing it all.

So if you want to get out of this situation, imagine cutting off ties with your partner and never seeing their face again in your life. Now imagine doing the same with the one who is stirring up passion in your blood. The one you aren't willing to lose is the one you truly love.

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TAURUS: 2 of Wands

Your love life is going great, Taurus. You are with the one who makes your heart sing and that's the best feeling in the world.

Unfortunately, things have started to become routine now. Hanging out with each other, talking on the phone, texting every other hour, and the works. And while you are comfortable with this routine, in your heart you know that this complacency will end up killing your relationship for good.

Well, the only way out is to discuss the situation with your partner and figure out what you both can do to add some sense of adventure to your relationship. Want some ideas? Vacations, dates, and engaging in activities the other loves are a few good ones to get you started.

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GEMINI: 5 of Cups

Gemini, holding on to the one who is gone will not bring them back. Instead, count your blessings (the people you still have in your life) and move on. Does this advice sound too simple? It is. Take it or leave it. It's your choice.

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CANCER: King of Cups

Cancer, your partner is the dominant one in your relationship. That means they are the one calling all the shots. And you don't like that one bit.

The only problem is, letting them know you want out of this relationship is super scary. After all, they are domineering because they have a way of intimidating you!

Well, no one can fight your battles for you this time. So if you really want out, you have to pluck up the courage, move their overbearing presence out of the way, and leave.

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LEO: 6 of Wands

Leo, winning the hand of your partner is a big accomplishment! But don't let that victory turn you complacent. Relationships are never static. They keep changing with time and after every interaction.

So if you don't want to lose this person, throw the concept that you have "won" out of your brain. There's no winning in love. Only constant doing.

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VIRGO: The Tower

Don't be scared, Virgo! The Tower comes for us all. Everyone has sustained distressing times in their life when everything seemed to be falling apart.

So now that the world has crashed around you, you have two options: Cry and scream, or allow the circumstances to play out and then figure out a plan of action once you understand your new situation better. What's it gonna be?

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LIBRA: 8 of Cups

There's no doubt that you value all the relationships in your life a lot, Libra. But a part of you is craving some alone time desperately. What do you do now? Take the time out you need, or soldier through this "selfish" patch until you feel close to your people again?

Choose the "selfish" option and go on a personal sabbatical. There is nothing selfish about wanting space and alone time. It helps us become balanced in our core and enables us to form deeper relationships once we come back all recharged.

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SCORPIO: 4 of Wands

Scorpio, you have been secretly contemplating marriage for a long time now. You feel that your relationship is at the right place right now to take it to the next level. And you are super confident about this person.

Then what are you afraid of? A marriage isn't going to change anything dramatically, you know. If your relationship feels like a marriage already, you will just be putting a seal on it. That's it.

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Being happy and being complacent are two different things, Sagittarius. And you often find yourself confusing them.

So if your heart is brimming over with happiness because of where your love life is at, enjoy this blissful moment and continue doing everything that has brought you here. Trust me, that's the key to maintaining your bliss.

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CAPRICORN: 3 of Cups

All your friends have started to celebrate the birth of their children, Capricorn. And while you are happy for them, it's making you long for your own bundle of joy.

Well, that's not just your decision. It's your partner's too. So open up dialogue and discuss this. Sometimes, speaking up is all it takes to realize that you and your partner were secretly on the same page all along!

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Who is the star in your relationship, Aquarius? You or your partner? Does the answer distress you? Or does it make you happy?

The truth is, if you want lasting happiness in your relationship, you both need to shine equally. So if the star dynamic between you two is bringing up insecurities, now's the time to work upon this problem area and fix it so you both can be bright and radiant.

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PISCES: 6 of Cups

To stay friends or to take it to the next level is the dilemma you are in at the moment, Pisces. You don't want to destroy the bond you have forged so far by proclaiming your love before the other person is ready. Neither do you want to stay where you are when your heart wants more.

Well, the Tarot suggests you keep things light and friendly for now. After all, the best relationships are the ones that naturally transit from friendship to love.  

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.