Do Aries Fall In Love Quickly?

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Do Aries Fall In Love Quickly?

Falling in love can be an easy process, but difficult and timely for others. How quickly a person gives away their heart can be a result of how they grew up and what they believe about relationships.

In astrology, a zodiac sign is a factor to consider when measuring how quickly a person becomes enamored. A Sun sign, Venus sign or Moon sign's placement at the time of a person's birth can indicate what it takes to fall in love.

Do Aries fall in love quickly?

Sometimes, yes. Aries' fiery passion can lead them to think with their heart (and not their head). Intrigue can also cloud their judgment making it easy to fall for someone, even if it's the wrong person.

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Aries is ruled by Mars — the god of war is also full of passion!

Typically, when people think of zodiac signs that fall in love easily Libra, Cancer and Leo come to mind. Rare cases can be argued for other zodiac signs. Those who take their time with love are Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, but when it comes to leaping into a relationship without thinking, Aries needs to be at the top of the list.

As a fire sign, Aries are passionate, motivated and confident. They rule the first astrology house and love to be the leader who others look up to when things are starting to look grim.

They are very direct in their approach and can get frustrated when there is too much that needs to be done to get to the goal. These traits lend themselves to the relationship department.

Here's why Aries fall in love quickly, per astrology:

1. Aries fall in love quickly because of impatience.

Aries like to dive head-first into situations without thinking about the consequences. They are very bold and ambitious and love to go with the wind.

An Aries tends to have an explosive temper that can damage anyone on the receiving end. But don’t worry, when they aren’t upset they are very upbeat and playful people who enjoy living life to its fullest.

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2. Aries are eternal optimists.

Yes, they fall deeply in love without hesitation. Once they feel a spark with someone, they can’t help being so devoted and passionate with them.

Aries love the excitement that comes with starting a relationship. However, as fast as they fall in love they can easily fall out of love.

If the person they are with shows signs of uninterest or doesn’t want to try new things, Aries will not hesitate to leave. Or sometimes, they get bored with the relationship and seek out new paths to follow that will lead them to new people.

3. Aries men fall when a person captures their attention (and keeps it).

If a person engages in witty banter. Aries men love it. When someone is hard to get, they are down for the challenge. Strong sense of humor, they adore it. Aries men love it when you make them laugh.

4. Aries can't resist a beautiful mind.

Aries men like having intellectual conversations with someone. So show off your immense knowledge of the world, but make sure not to come off as a know-it-all. Soon they will be interested.

Embrace all kinds of adventure, and viola attraction. Aries men love to be spontaneous. An Aris man will wake up and get ready for a surprise camping trip without hesitation, even if you've only known each other a short while.

5. An Aries woman falls in love easily with a person who understands her.

She needs someone who can match her strength, emotionally, not just physically. Be someone who is capable of standing up for themselves and who won’t let others get to them, and "I love you" won't be too far behind.

6. Confidence is a gateway to the Aries heart.

Aries women are very independent and don’t waste time with those who are in need of help when they are capable of it.

Just like being independent, Aries women like someone who exudes confidence. She will give you a shot once you keep proving that you don’t let others get to you.

7. Be supportive, and an Aries will fall in love with you (quickly).

Especially when she shows signs of burning out of a project that she worked really hard on.

Don’t be afraid to show your competitive side. She likes the challenge and likes to show off her skills whenever the opportunity arises.

Compatible zodiac signs are usually the first an Aries will fall in love with.

Compatibility also plays a role in how soon an Aries falls in love.

Aries can fall in love with an Aquarius without realizing it.

Both signs together make a creative pair that engages in light competition once in a while. Even in a relationship, they are each other’s best friends, have great communication and have mutual admiration for the other person.

They understand the other’s idealistic and enthusiastic look on life, both crave excitement and new experiences and love showing off. Aquarius has a progressive vision that Aries is able to bring out the passion needed for the thoughts to be carried out.

Sagittarius often win the heart of Aries, too.

Both signs have a lot in common, from their energy to their interests. They would rather go out and experience life for themselves than to read or hear about other people doing wild things.

This relationship lets both partners be explorers and find new things to make their lives exciting. They are able to forgive and forget fast, so holding a grudge won’t come in between them.

As Aries is ruled by Mars and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, both present masculine energies and rarely get burned out by the other person.

Leo is not only a friend to Aries, but a perfect match that leads to love.

Both are fire signs, so their passion and dynamic will be met at the same level along with holding a healthy love of sportsmanship and competition between the two.

Each one wants to be the boss and they might bump heads occasionally, but no worries as they have a genuine admiration for the other.

Aries looks to Leo as a guide and they are able to overcome any differences between the two. These two signs are ruled by the Sun and hold very masculine energy.

Gemini's personality makes Aries swoon.

Both signs are able to connect on a physical and intellectual level when together along with helping the other to stay optimistic during trying times. Aries independent spirit if attractive to Gemini and both create a good balance together.

As Aries likes to experience new things and Gemini likes to discuss those discoveries, they help the other to find new things they wouldn’t have found on their own.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which represents the passion and communication energy that Mars brings out in Aries. Each partner has a wide range of interests but looks forward to sharing their day with the other.

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