What Makes An Aries Mad?

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What Makes An Aries Mad?

Born between March 20 - April 20, Aries is one of the most aggressive in astrology.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars who tends to have a bad temper, (sorry Aries!).

When Aries is angry or mad, they are physical responders and they can be easily agitated.

One of the positives of having an Aries friend is that they will fight anyone who tries to hurt you, they will back you up 100% and not let anyone hurt you.

However, if you get in the way of their crossfire be prepared because it won’t go down well.

What makes an Aries mad?

Aries doesn’t like someone being passive-aggressive towards them.

They aren’t going to stand for that kind of attitude and they will call out a person for doing so.

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If you have an argument with an Aries friend and they get upset at you, it’s best to try and not fight with them or it will get messy.

Anger comes from this Mars energy, and this gets demonstrated by their competitive and aggressive personality.

When Aries is mad their anger is very explosive, they don’t know how to hold bad and they will pick a fight.

An Aries also isn’t afraid to get all up in your personal space as well if they are mad at you because they will yell at you and scream literally to your face.

Here's what makes an Aries mad, per astrology:

1. Nothing.

Honestly, this might be the case if Aries is mad at you.

Sometimes they will literally be angry for no reason whatsoever and that might have to do with the rotation of the planets or just because they are an Aries.

They may just be in a pissy mood and not want to talk to anyone, and if someone tries or gets in their way they will get aggressive.

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2. You're an "irritating person".

This could honestly be anyone to an Aries but if you do or say something wrong that gets on Aries's nerves, they will get mad at you and maybe want to pick a fight with you.

An Aries could also do this because they were angry during the day from a bad day at work or because they didn’t get something their way, (which they like to get their way all the time because Aries likes no conflicts).

3. They didn’t win.

If there was any situation involving competition with an Aries and you won against them, they will be mad at you because they love competition especially when it’s them who wins.

They will hold a grudge against you, and there’s honestly nothing you can do about it.

You can't calm them down because it takes time for them to get over it.

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4. You’re too touchy with them.

If you’re invading an Aries personal space and really irritating them, they will get pissed off and try to pick a fight with you or call you out.

Aries is not afraid to fight with anyone that is making them uncomfortable, and if you pop Aries's social and physical bubble, they will pop off.

5. You have what they want.

An Aries will not be happy for you if you’re doing something or seeing someone or catch the eye of a person that Aries likes.

If that happens, their anger will fall towards you because they are jealous of you because they want what you have.

This is the worst thing that an Aries will do because they get in the way of your happiness.

If this constantly is happening with an Aries friend, it's best that you cut them off before things get too intense and your feelings get really hurt by them.

6. You are a slow-mover.

Aries can't stand people who aren't as fast-paced in life as they are.

If you take your time to get ready, walk somewhere, and make decisions, an Aries is going to be mad.

An Aries needs someone to be at the same pace as them.

They don't like to have to wait for someone to catch up because they are really impatient and pushy.

If someone isn't following them or going at the same speed as they are, then it's an inhibitor to the Aries goals.

If you get in the way of an Aries's goals, then they will get angry and (most likely) put on a classic Aries tantrum.

7. You're trying to control them.

Anyone who knows an Aries will tell you that no one can even try to possibly control their emotions, actions, and personality.

An Aries is just a type of person who is inclined to what they want and how they want it.

Nothing you do or try to do to control an Aries will work, and the result won't be pretty because this will make an Aries very mad.

If you don't like what they're doing, then have a conversation.

Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree.

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