What Happens When An Aries Gets Jealous?

Fiery explosion, that's what.

What Happens When An Aries Gets Jealous? Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock.com

Born between March 21 - April 19, Aries is a passionate fire sign. Aries are very loyal.

Aries feel their emotions intensely whether they feel love, joy, anger, or pain. Jealousy is no exception.

Anyone can be driven mad by jealousy, but particularly Aries can.

It is easy to keep loyal Aries in your life as long as their trust isn’t betrayed.

But, what happens when an Aries gets jealous?

Once doubt creeps in, it is hard to get back to the joyous, untainted beginning.


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As a volatile fire sign, it can be hard to predict how an Aries will react especially under emotional distress.

They are usually good at dealing with conflict, but jealousy is unique.

Not only is it an intense and often irrational emotion, but if Aries’ high self-esteem gets knocked down, it can cause them to spiral.


It is best to try not to set Aries off in the first place, but jealousy is a very normal, human emotion that can arise even if the significant other isn’t doing anything shady.

Here is what happens when an Aries gets jealous, per astrology:

1. Aries will let you know exactly how they feel.

Aries are not ones to stifle their emotions.

Feelings will bubble up and explode out of Aries before they have a moment to rationalize.

Their fire element makes them feel things intensely and express those feelings to the outer world rather than turn inwards.

If an Aries is suspicious, they will let you know rather than sit in jealousy.

This could resolve the conflict quickly, or it could result in an argument where things are said that cannot be taken back.


2. Aries will investigate.

Aries’ Cardinal modality and planetary ruler, Mars, make them great investigators.

Cardinal signs are eager to jump into new projects and take charge of their lives.

Mars is the god of war-making Aries apt strategists.

When an Aries is jealous, they will take matters into their own hands and get to the bottom of whether there is any disloyalty afoot.

(Be careful, Aries, you might not like what you find out.)

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3. Aries will focus on themselves.

As loyal to their loved ones as Aries are, they are also very independent.

Aries might think that the only way to overcome their jealousy is to just be on their own for a while.


The opposite sign of Aries is Libra, which is ruled by Venus.

Venus is the goddess of love and relationships.

Considering that this planet is the opposite of Aries’ ruler, love and relationships are not their strong suit.

When a relationship proves to be too taxing on Aries, they may think it best to cut their losses and enjoy their own company for a while.


4. Aries will find new connections.

Aries are known as “the initiators” because they are not only the first sign of Spring, but they are the first sign of the entire zodiac calendar.

Their Cardinal modality resonates strongly within them, so they are quick to move on to their next project or idea or relationship.

Although they are loyal, if an Aries feels hurt or betrayed, they may think that it is time to go on to the next thing.

They are not great at following through like Fixed signs, but they are experts at moving on.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.