Why Are Aries So Difficult?

This fire sign is passionate, exciting, and a little difficult at times.

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Aries are known for many truly wonderful things, such as being confident, charismatic and energetic. Aries are also known for being fun, exciting, and truly loyal friends.

With all that good stuff going for them, why are Aries so difficult sometimes? 

They are the first sign in the zodiac, and no true Aries will let you forget that. Although they can be very passionate and loyal, there are some things that make Aries challenging for some people.


Like all zodiac signs, there are negative traits for Aries that go along with the positive. If you're having trouble with someone who was born between March 21st and April 19th, learning what makes Aries so difficult can help you figure out how to handle the problem.

Because once you have an Aries on your side, you have a friend for life, and that makes understanding the Aries zodiac sign super valuable.

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Why Are Aries So Difficult?

At first, it can be easy to overlook the challenges you face when dealing with an Aries. They're fun, they're vibrant, and they seem to be able to talk you into anything. But after a while, the combativeness of an Aries, combined with that signature Aries confidence (sometimes confused for arrogance — though that's really not what it is with Aries) can get to you.


That doesn’t mean you should drop the Aries in your life. You just need to undersatnd where your Aries is coming from, so you can figure out how to deal with any problems that may come up.

If you're going to become romantically involved with an Aries, you should pay special attention to this list. After all, Aries are some of the best people to love, but they require some ... ahem ... special handling. 

12 reasons why Aries are so difficult — in relationships and in life. 

1. Aries will often put themselves first. 

They are at the center of their own universe, and their first thoughts are often of taking care of their own needs. 

This isn't an inherently bad thing, it's just something to understand. It's also important to know that Aries love big, and care hugely about the people in their lives. Once you are "in" with an Aries, you become part of that group that is put first, and that's one reason Aries are some of the best friends to have.  


2. Aries tend to act aggressively.

Because they are a fire sign, Aries can get heated up quickly. This can cause anyone who ends up on their bad side to feel the burn. It's always good to try to stay on the good side of an Aries and to never double-cross one. 

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3. They can get very stubborn.

Aries are super independent, and will not tolerate being told what to do. Because of that, they like to make decisions for themselves and are generally not interested in being told their decision was wrong. Sure, this can make Aries seem difficult, but being stubborn is always both a good and bad thing.


Aries stand by what they believe, and that's an admirable trait. Sometimes, the decision an Aries makes is to help you or do something nice for you — and that's a great thing. 

4. Aries will do what they need to accomplish a goal. 

Along with their stubbornness, Aries will do anything to get what they want no matter what or who is in their way. This could lead to some tension and heartache with those who were close, as they will be seen as obstacles in an Aries’ mind. 

This also means that Aries is a real role model when it comes to your "take no crap" goals. If you're sick of people trying to stand in your way when you want something, be like an Aries and ram your way through obstacles to get to your goal.


5. Aries can be very impatient.

If a goal is taking too long to be accomplished or the process becomes boring, Aries is willing to drop it before seeing it through — including romantic relationships. Even though they like to take charge and start a lot of projects, the idea of not wrapping it up right away makes them start to look for something else. 

Aries won't waste time, but if you're not on their timeline, this can make them seem very difficult. 

6. Aries struggle to focus on just one project. 

This is related to their impatience — Aries like starting things more than finishing them. That new experience is very tempting and the rush of finding something new they can get their hands on is a feeling they love having rather than accomplishing a task. 


This makes Aries great at multi-tasking and why they are so good at jobs where you have to juggle many things at once. Just don't let an Aries get bored doing those projects or they all might come crashing down. 

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7. They need to be self-sufficient. 

Aries are more likely to do things on their own rather than ask for help. To them, it’s a sign of weakness, and they believe they are way above that while also believing they are the only ones capable of getting it done. 

Why are Aries so difficult, then? Well, they may not immediately be open to hearing feedback (see point #3!), but it's also what makes them ideal for jobs where they work from home. 


8. Aries tend to be impulsive. 

Aries get excited about ideas quickly and tend to act fast. This impulsiveness can be good and really, really bad

They never like to follow a schedule as they want to act right away, which includes skipping work to go sky diving or even skipping lunch with friends because they saw there was a boxing contest with a cash prize. Even if their impulse gets them sick or harmed, they are always glad they followed their gut into a new experience. 

If you're the one an Aries breaks up with impulsively (and maybe tries to get back together with later) you probably find this characteristic annoying or difficult, but you also probably really enjoyed it as your Aries was lighting up your life with fun, new ideas.


9. They tend to repeat their mistakes.

Even when their impulse leads them to a dead-end, they will do it again and again. This can start to get very dangerous if they never get set on a different goal.   

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10. Aries will say what’s on their minds.

An Aries doesn’t hold back when it comes to saying what they think is right. Because they believe they believe in themselves and trust their own instincts (for better or worse), they will say everything they are thinking.

It takes a lot of work for an Aries to learn not to just blurt things out, but as an Aries matures, they often realize that they need to stop and think — and this helps them maintain healthier relationships overall.


11. They are so dramatic.

When things don’t go their way, instead of moving on, an Aries will often make it known that they are not happy with the results. Their passionate nature can cause them to act as if they were in a Shakespeare play, given to long monologues and dramatic sweeping gestures.

But this is also what makes an Aries so fun. Life is always an adventure with Aries.

One thing that Aries will not tolerate, though, is friendship or relationship drama. That's a whole other type of drama and Aries is not interested! Take that drama to your Leo friends, they love it.


12. Aries have a major competitive streak.

It might be all fun and games at first, but once there is a chance they will lose, Aries will do anything to make sure they win. If that means losing friends in the process, well so be it. 

This is also what makes Aries so great to have on your team — whether in life or at work. Aries is going to win.

Zodiac signs that find Aries difficult.

There are some people that become enemies with an Aries over time, and there are some people that right away they butt heads no matter what.

Here are two zodiac signs that, no matter what, will find Aries to be difficult. And if you are one of these zodiac signs, you'll need to practice patience when interacting with an Aries — and they'll likely need to do the same for you. Not everyone is meant to be BFFs, and that's OK. 


It also helps, as one of these signs, to know why you'll probably butt heads with Aries.

Cancer: Cancers are sensitive and need someone to break the bad news to them gently. Aries, on the other hand, are the opposite and are fine telling the bad news without hesitation. 

Capricorn: Capricorns love sticking by a schedule and need to be notified in a timely matter so they can be prepared. Aries, however, don’t like to be tied down to a set schedule and would rather do things out of the whim. 

Once you know each other's sore spots, you can do your best to work around them. There are plenty of signs that people say can never get along — and there are also plenty of friendships, marriages, and work relationships where Aries and Cancers or Capricorns get along just great.


It all takes a little understanding, and hopefully this list has helped you understand why Aries are so difficult (to some people) so you know how to get along with an Aries better in the future!

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