How The Mars Retrograde Will Majorly Affect Your Relationships And Love Life This Coming Month, Starting June 26th

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Mars retrograde
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Embracing the power of intimacy.

On June 26th when we experience Mars in retrograde in the earth sign of Capricorn, our zodiac signs will feel its intense power in our relationships. Unlike other planets in astrology like Mercury, Mars only spends about 9 percent of his time in retrograde motion, which means that the effects it has on us and our lives are usually much more potent.

Mars is the planet that governs ambition and sexuality. It is a very masculine energy-dominated planet that manifests as a strong drive within each of us. Depending upon the person, the drive may be of a sexual nature or it may take on a more professional tone, but regardless, it’s one that can almost border on aggressiveness as well.

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In Capricorn, the energy is a bit more grounded or focused. It’s almost as if it’s being felt for a specific reason, and because of this we know there is a purpose to what we are feeling.

Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat; he likes to take his time, and he plans things out, starts from the bottom and works his way to the top. In this sign, Mars, while ambitious and a bit more careful, he knows what he’s working toward and also realizes that time is on his side. Sometimes, Mars can be a great planet to force us into action, whether it’s career or personally; however Mars retrograde is a bit different.

Venus and Jupiter will be transiting with Mars during his retrograde phase, heating up our internal desires and putting the focus solely on sex for the majority of us. But depending upon where we are and what we’re currently in the process of learning, it will look different for us all.

Some of us may be learning that it’s okay to enjoy intimacy and to be a sexual person. Others may be experiencing that sex is the ultimate act of love and how that changes things once that realization is embraced. Still, others unfortunately are going to be looking at the unhealthy relationship to sex they might have through memories or recent events of sexual trauma or abuse.

Mars itself doesn’t like to hurt or degrade. While the planet that governs our sexuality and passion doesn’t do so flippantly, he operates as the high level of energy challenging all of us to embrace the power of sex. Yet this doesn’t always mean what we think it does at first glance.

Instead of thinking of it as power to be used against someone or for something, this planet is really asking us to look at how our sexuality can be a powerful tool of self-exploration and emotions when used in a healthy way.

So often it seems we associate a negative, or at least boring, connotation to the idea of lovemaking. When we hear "make love," we think soft, romantic, and slow, which is wonderful unto itself, but it isn’t the only way to have a heart-connection with our partners.

During Mars in retrograde, how we express our emotional feelings through our physical body will come into play. Are we connecting enough to ourselves, to our partners and to the act itself? These are just a few questions we may find ourselves asking.

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Mars wants us to break free from any chains that held us in place negatively; he wants us to embrace our sexuality, to use it positively, to express ourselves with it, to create with it, to have fun with it, and to understand the power it can have when shared with someone we deeply connect with.

During the next few months, we will find ourselves in situations where we will have the ability to grow or to revert back to how we’ve always thought of and used sex, but the entire purpose of a retrograde period is to embrace the new, the change, and the healing that is trying to occur.

This means that while we always have free will, we always have the choice, meaning that the likelihood we will truly be able to evolve sexually is almost certain. Sex isn’t here to tempt us into doing the wrong thing; it’s not here as something to feel ashamed of or guilty about; it’s not something we should ever feel like we have to do.

Sex in its highest form is the act of connecting physically with someone as deeply as you do mentally and emotionally. It can be enjoyed in other ways or for other purposes, but ultimately, we become our highest selves when we practice those aspects of life that support that.

Mars wants us to learn how to practice conscious sex: to open our eyes to the other person, to feel the energy exchange between ourselves and our partner, and to feel that each movement regardless of speed or intensity is still connected to our heart. Making love is just about the act of touching one another in a way to let the emotion of love be felt; it doesn’t matter what type of sex it is as much as the emotion behind it.

But as with anything, there is another side. If we are in rocky relationships where we feel unable to connect to our partner or there is another reason why we can’t harness this Mars energy in the bedroom, we may find ourselves feeling sexually frustrated.

However, in these cases it’s important to try to move beyond the frustration to fix the solution rather than just finding another partner, which wouldn’t actually fix anything. It’s also a time when we will likely want to heal any sexual trauma that has occurred and be more ready to look at relationships with truth.

This Mars retrograde period is really about helping us understand our own sexuality so that we can truly embrace the power of intimacy.

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