What The June 25th Venus And Jupiter Square Means For Your Love Life This Week, According To Astrology

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Venus square Jupiter
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Love should make you better.

On June 25th we will see Venus square Jupiter for the last time this year. For the zodiac signs, this means we will feel the effects of this transit deeply — not in the form of a love horoscope, but in the choices we make in our relationships.

In astrology, a square is when the planets are within 90 degrees of one another and challenge one another toward growth. In this case, we have Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio, which means some big issues will be arising in our relationships and the area of commitment.

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We all know that friend who got pregnant just to get a marriage proposal, along with other stories of women giving ultimatums or manipulating their partner in order to get a ring. It’s nothing new; however, it’s also not truly the relationship that any of us want.

Yet something happens when we’ve been in a relationship for a while: we start to lose sight of how good we have it because we are focused on getting somewhere else. There is so much pressure to follow the traditional milestones for relationships — a diamond ring, a fancy white dress, a baby — but as we are all changing and evolving, so are our romantic relationships and even the idea of commitment.

Back before the beginning of time, marriages were a convenience of families. It wasn’t until the 19th Century when people began to marry for love. The idea of love and marriage is always evolving and changing, so it’s not really a surprise that we’re currently experiencing such a transition.

We are starting to see a break between how we’ve always done things in terms of romantic commitment, and a new pattern starting to emerge.

It first began with people deviating from diamonds, instead using Sapphires, Morganite or any other gemstone; after all, the only reason we actually exchange diamond rings is because of an advertising campaign by De Beers in the 1950s. Then we started to see wedding dress colors change, elopements become more popular, commitment ceremonies replace traditional weddings, and of course the idea of life partner was introduced.

Through all of this, it’s not that we are trying to degrade to soil the idea of love and commitment; instead, what is occurring is a transition to a more conscious and mindful way of sharing our lives with another in a way that supports the self-growth of each individual.

This is also a new idea that a relationship isn’t just about pledging our love, but rather, helping each person grow into the person  they are meant to be. Perhaps for some this can be done in traditional marriages, but for many we’re finding the freedom and independence to truly create lives of our own design.

This is what Venus square Jupiter represents. This is what these planets enjoy; they want love, they want commitment, but in Leo and Scorpio they also want to do it their way. They don’t want to be like everyone else, and they don’t want to ignore the issues.

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This is the second of such squares this year and it will be the last one as well, which will just be adding to its power and intensity when it comes to affecting our romantic relationships.

Simply put, Venus wants love and commitment, and Jupiter likes to make things bigger than normal. But because it’s a square, these two are challenging one another instead of working together. This means that Venus is the woman tapping her foot trying to get her man, and Jupiter is there whispering in her ear all the ways she can make that happen.

But we’re not that woman anymore; no one needs to manipulate or trap a man into getting a proposal. And it seems we’re realizing that’s not really the kind of love we want anyway.

The truth is that if love, relationships or even commitment isn’t freely given, it’s not worth having. Venus will be in Leo, so she will be connecting to her heart and will be passionate about whatever truths she finds there; in combination with Jupiter in Scorpio, she won’t have any appetite to pretend that something is there if it’s not.

Jupiter may like to make everything bigger or more dramatic, but in Scorpio it’s the sign of soulmates and depth, which means that while we may feel pressure to examine our relationships, we’re only going to truly be investing in those relationships that make us better, inspire us, and help us grow.

We don’t need to get married to prove our relationship exists or that love is real, but maybe we still want to make that promise to another to be there for them their entire lives. Or maybe we will realize during this transit that we don’t really need a ring at all; maybe we no longer have any reason to actually get married.

The point is that, yes, this transit is going to inspire us to look deeper into our feelings and want to commit to our lover, but it just may not be in the ways that others are used to or even that we thought we would want.

The point of all of this is for us to learn how to be and love strong enough so we start making choices that feel good for us apart from what anyone else thinks love or relationships should look like.

In truth, sharing our lives with someone is about choosing to be there for the good days and the bad. It’s about the belief that whatever love we are in should be making us better, and we may not really need a ring to make any of that true. 

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