How The New Moon In Gemini Will Be The Catalyst For Change In Your Relationship And Love Life, Starting June 13th

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new moon in Gemini
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To love means that at some point, somewhere, we will risk everything.

On June 13th, we will experience the new moon in Gemini, a cerebral zodiac sign of the twins. In astrology, a new moon represents a new beginning, a time when we can expect to feel the draw toward starting a new chapter or taking that leap of faith that has been calling to us. And this is good news for your love horoscope, as you will be asked to take that same leap of faith in your relationships.

Believe it or not, the year is almost half over which means that this big moment in time for twin flames, for lovers and for relationships is getting to the pinnacle point of the year — the moment when we get to the top of the Ferris wheel and see exactly what we’ve been working for all this time.

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While the full moon in Capricorn in just about two weeks’ time is that point, this new moon in Gemini is the catalyst for us to begin two weeks of intense review, planning and possibly acting on implementing what we’ve learned during this current eclipse cycle.

Gemini is a thinker; they ponder, they question and they see both sides of a situation. This means that while at times this sign can confuse even their own selves in this situation, it’s really about being able to see multiple angles on the same situation so we can make a plan for how to move forward.

Movement is another theme of Gemini. It’s an air sign, which means that it travels, goes everywhere, and is constantly in a state of motion; for a Gemini, stagnation is like death.

During this new moon, we are going to all be feeling very Gemini in that we are tired of sitting where we are, tired of pretending that we fit here anymore, tired of feeling like we belong, and tired of trying to make situations work that just aren’t meant to. It’s not that we’re going to be rash in our decision-making, but we are going to be feeling like a kettle about to boil, and it’s up to us to decide what to do with that steam once it’s released.

At this point with so many planets in Gemini, we are definitely being directed towards movement. However, it seems that with the culmination point a few weeks off, the action many of us will be drawn to is the aspect of planning. Because of the nature of the current astrological scene and it being a time for beginnings, it’s likely that newness in our romantic lives is what will be on our minds.

We have a lot to accomplish this year, a lot to create and build, and together not only do we have to make a choice but we also have to choose to move forward in love. To everything there is a time, a purpose a season, and for many relationships we are at the point of feeling ready to take a risk.

As we get older, it’s hard to continually make the choice to open our hearts to love and be willing to be vulnerable in a new relationship. Often times, just this fear can be enough to freeze us in place or have us finding ourselves self-sabotaging possible romantic situations because we don’t want to be hurt again.

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There are no guarantees in love and there is nothing in love that makes us feel certain of what tomorrow may bring, but that doesn’t mean to try is futile. To be willing to try in a new relationship is to embody courage and hope. It’s to believe that the past doesn’t dictate the future but that it’s the ability to believe in one that ultimately does.

Some days we have rain and others sun, but if we can learn to see value in either then it means that we won’t necessarily judge ourselves for the days that get us down. If we operated under the belief that every past relationship that has ended did so because that was its sole purpose, it means while the heartbreak caused pain, it ultimately was exactly what we needed to experience in order to be in this moment now.

During this transit, we can expect to feel the slow coming together of a bigger picture, of a life phase or decision that was coming to a turning point. Because of that we will feel ourselves being pulled toward creating that new beginning.

Part of our relationship experiences are because we are meant to decide what type of commitment feels right for us and it’s these types of conversations that we will be experiencing around this time. This may mean that we decide to elope suddenly and get married, or maybe we will decide to move in part time, or maybe we will just continue to be in love knowing that sometimes the best of things don’t really need to be defined.

Ultimately, this is just the pre-show for the full moon at the end of the month. It’s the time when we will be able to start making strides for connecting those pieces and for seeing what the past six months have been trying to teach us.

It’s okay to be afraid even when we’re sure about something, but that doesn’t mean that we stop; instead, we lean into what we’re feeling, we lean into our hesitation, and we lean into our doubts — not because they’re right, but because we need to prove to ourselves that they are wrong.

Great love isn’t possible without great risk, and while it’s scary to think of risking everything for something, if we don’t, we might just end up with nothing. 

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