How The Challenging Sun-Neptune Square Will Affect Your Love Life This Week, Starting June 7th

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Sun square Neptune
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Faith is the foundation for love.

On June 7th, when we see the Sun square Neptune (with the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces), this will cause friction and doubt within all of our relationships. That's not such good news for your zodiac sign's love horoscope, but is there room for things to improve?

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and create a difficult aspect or challenge. It’s not to say that the entire transit will be stressful, just that we’re going to have to work harder to get to the sweet spots.

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The sun represents our sense of self, who we are and how we are seen by the world. In Gemini, the sun is focused more on how we see the world rather than how we view ourselves internally. It’s the duality of how we perceive things to be in contrast with how they actually are, and in Gemini we’ll feel more energetic and passionate about expressing our views of the world, or at least what we think we’re seeing.

That’s the other side of this transit and perhaps the more prominent energy as well. Neptune in Pisces is a recipe for fantasy, for illusion, and for dreaming life away. It’s a spiritual energy, mystical even, that tends to bring out the best of everything.

However, the other aspect of this union is that we are prone to seeing only what we want to, which can lead to relationships being based in fantasy and misleading situations and communication.

But we sometimes forget that what we see isn’t actually reality. We see what we want to, what we’re able to, and of course what we are meant to. How many times have we hit rough spots in relationships only to accuse our partner of changing when in reality it was our perception of their behavior that ultimately was different?

Neptune has difficulty seeing reality, and while most of the time this adds the benefit of having rose-colored glasses for seemingly difficult situations, in certain transits like this one, Gemini and the Sun influence what we are going to see, leading to us identifying narratives as true that likely are not.

In relationships, the most difficult thing we can sometimes do is expose our true selves to our partner, not necessarily because we don’t want to but rather because we have been conditioned not to. People may say they want us to be ourselves, but to actually accept another for everything they are is a very different scenario.

Too often we only want others when they fit our idea of what they should or could be. We place expectations on what they are able to do or even accomplish. We let them be themselves as long as they stay within the boundaries that we have drawn for them. In these situations, we aren’t accepting someone for who they are at all, but rather allowing them to be who we think they should be.

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This transit is asking us if we are seeing the truth or only what we want to see. It’s asking us if we are expecting the worst of someone because they have given us reason to believe it, or if we’re projecting who we think they are.

It’s challenging us to see if we are seeing the best in someone or only wanting them to be better than they really are. But the reality is that we will need to find the balance for ourselves between expecting the worst and falling in love with someone’s potential.

On one side of this Sun square Neptune transit, we love Neptune’s fantasy of seeing the best possible situation because it brings us hope, regardless of how dark it gets we see things as they could be. Of course, seeing a situation in the light of worst case scenario is equally detrimental, especially when it comes to love.

Either we think our lover is infallible or we think they do no wrong; there is no in between. This square is here to destroy our illusions. It’s here to crack the rose-colored glasses. It’s here to bring truth to our relationships.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re all going to break up; quite the opposite actually. If we’ve been obsessing in a very Gemini-like quality that our lover is going to leave us or in some way thinking the worst of their actions, we might come to see it was our fear coloring our perception of the situation, not reality.

In cases such as these, we will see these fears for what they are and will be able to build up around them. We will burn them to the ground with truth and finally see our lover for the person they are.

Likewise, if we’ve been walking on clouds thinking our partner does no wrong,  we could see that they very well are as human as they come and that mistake doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person. However, we will have to let ourselves fall in love with the reality of our lover versus the Neptunian fantasy we had believed in.

But once we are able to do that, it’s as if a new door of intimacy opens in our relationships. We are saved by the truth, we are divine because of our realness, and we rise only because we first have fallen.

We are made who we are by what we experience. We are here not to be perfect but to live, and we are here most of all to learn. The truth is that we don’t fall in love with someone because they do all the right things but because they offer us something that no one else can. We fall in love because we have hope in both of us doing our best, and in working together to build a relationship.

Things will be hard at times, and every day won’t always be perfect, but faith in one another truly is the foundation of lasting love. 

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