Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of May 28-June 3, 2018

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Blessed by the full moon.

Are you planning to gaze up into the night sky and bask in the light of the full, brilliant moon this week? You should. Because this full moon is extra special. It's in the sign of Sagittarius, the wise wanderer and philosopher of all the zodiac signs.

But in your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for May 28 to June 3, 2018, don't be surprised if you suddenly feel the urge to burst into a song or find yourself cackling with laughter as moon madness takes over you. After all, full moon nights are known for drawing out powerful emotions from us, especially in the romantic sphere.

Want to know what spell this full moon in Sagittarius will cast over your love life? This week, you will discover exactly that. So let's dive in.

ARIES: Queen of Swords

There's no stopping you this week, Aries. You will be sharper than you usually tend to be in your love life. And by sharp, I mean your mind will be extra sharp.

Like a well-oiled sword, your intelligence and gut feelings will cut through all the minutia and will make you act fast this week. And every single move will land in the center of the bull's eye even if it feels like foolish impulses to onlookers.

Do you feel that power coursing through your veins already? Don't be surprised if it is.

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TAURUS: The Empress

Taurus, it's time to pop open that bottle of wine you have been saving up for a perfect occasion and go all out in creating a romantic space for you and your partner. Does that mean pulling on that silk lingerie you have been dying to take for a spin? Or does it mean surprising your partner with a set of tickets to a quiet haven by the sea?

It's up to you what you want it to be. And since the Empress is guiding your footsteps this week, don't be surprised when you come up with ideas that blow even your own mind.

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GEMINI: Ace of Pentacles

Well, Gemini, if you have been seeing someone off late, this week might be the one when the two of you finally decide to make it official and go exclusive. Did that make you smile? Of course it did!

Just remember: saying you are in a committed relationship is just the first step. It won't last if the two of you become complacent subsequently.

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CANCER: 2 of Swords

Cancer, full moon nights are never easy for you. After all, you are ruled by the moon and are more prone to its lunar light than the rest of us. And this time around, your mood around the full moon will be wildly varied. It's because you will feel torn by two paths and will fail to choose one or the other.

Take a deep breath and surrender when the weight of making a decision becomes too heavy. You don't always have to decide immediately. But be mindful of what you are intentionally making yourself not see. Sometimes the answer to our problem lies in facing the facts we are afraid of.

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LEO: Reversed Princess of Wands

Leo, you may not be used to doing this too often, but the Tarot recommends you take some time off from your relationship this week and give yourself all your tender attention. Show yourself how much you love your own self and go pamper your body and soul.

What you choose to do is up to you. But don't worry. You are a Leo. You'll come up with something good.

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VIRGO: 2 of Wands

Virgo, it's time to put your foot down. You often go with the flow and with agree to the wishes of your partner, but this week it's time to be firm and put down some structures in your relationship.

Your partner might say you are being boring, but relationships are not always meant to be fun and games. In fact, all relationships are mostly boring bits with awesome passion thrown in between from time to time.

So take care of the boring bits this week. Put some systems in place. Believe me, the structure will allow you to get more creative when it's time for romance.

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LIBRA: The Tower

Let me guess, Libra. You did not pull the plug on your relationship last week even after the Tarot advised you to stop trying to get your partner to do it first. Unfortunately, you have run out of time this week. Don't be surprised when the rug is pulled out from under your foot one shocking day.

The truth is, when we ignore the signs life throws our way to get us to do the right thing, we force fate to take things into its own hands and pull the plug for us. And while this period will be extremely traumatic for you, when the dust settles, you will find yourself thanking the Universe for setting you free when you were too afraid to do it yourself.

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SCORPIO: Reversed Hanged Man

Scorpio, you might have been in limbo for some time now, but this week you will find your footing back again in your love life. It might be because you finally realize you have been holding onto someone who isn't there anymore, or might be because you choose to take your life in your own hand.

Whatever might be the reason, it will catalyze your escape from the limbo and you will be thoroughly grateful for having done so.

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Be careful what you wish for, Sagittarius. Because sometimes the greedy heart can end up attracting things its way that it did not want in the first place. And we all know what happens when you wish for the wrong thing.

So be very mindful of your desires this week. And when they do come up, ask yourself this: do I really want this thing in my life right now? If the answer is no, take a step back before you end up doing something you will regret down the line.

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Do you want the good news or the bad news first, Capricorn? I'm just kidding. There is no bad news this week for you! Instead, you will find yourself in the warm embrace of true love and will feel your heart expanding like it has never expanded before.

Enjoy this moment and don't overthink. Life doesn't bless us with these kind of moments too often.

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AQUARIUS: Prince of Swords

Aquarius, you are the classic rebel. You hate rules because you hate being told what you can and cannot do. Unfortunately, the masses are not always wrong and sometimes rebellion is just a way of masking the deep need for acceptance.

So if you find yourself pushing your friends and your partner away this week, stop and reflect upon your actions. Because when you do you will realize whether you are actually speaking sense or are just rebelling without a cause.

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PISCES: Reversed Queen of Cups

Pisces, your intuition is trying to tell you something. And it's a huge something. So don't ignore it or second guess it. Believe me, you will fare better if you heed its warning and gentle urgings.

Just remember: all secrets are not meant to be shared. So if your gut tells you to keep quiet about this, listen to it and keep the secret close to your chest.  

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.