How The Karmic Jupiter Transits Will Seriously Affect Your Love Life This Week, Starting May 9th

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Sun in Taurus
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It’s never about luck; it’s about putting in the work.

On May 9th, when we experience an intense transit between the Sun and Jupiter, this will affect the love lives of all the zodiac signs — specifically, their romantic relationships. Your love horoscope will be greatly impacted, all thanks to astrology.

During this alignment of the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, with the Sun opposite Jupiter we are likely to feel as if we’ve had a stroke of good luck, as if everything is suddenly falling into place. The only downside is if you’ve shown that you’re worthy of such goodness.

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At the time of this karmic point, the Sun will be in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio, which will be turning things around for many of us and helping us balance previous acts with those rewards we are currently seeing roll in. The Sun represents our sense of self and who we are. So, in Taurus, we are grounded, practical, self-assured and pragmatic about choices, but also about what we need to do in order to get what we want, especially in terms of our love lives.

Jupiter in Scorpio is a little different though, and while the planet of expansion and luck likes to improve and grow everything that he touches, in Scorpio he also is about balancing the karmic scales, soulmates and deep romantic connections.

Jupiter is light and larger than life; Scorpio is darkness, representing that aspect that we all have inside of ourselves. It deals with depth, dreams, desires and everything that we try to keep hidden from those around us.

This transit is about bringing in some unexpected goodness along the lines of something that we have hoped for. But just like with life, there is always another side of it.

If we have conducted ourselves as grateful and kind, giving of our blessings and never thinking that we are above anyone else, this transit will truly appear as if we’re suddenly getting everything we’ve ever wanted. However, if we’ve been dishonest, ungrateful, conniving or greedy, we may find that the good fortune we receive actually acts as a detriment.

Often times, our egos are what get us into trouble. If we feel too little about ourselves, we struggle with finding the confidence to pursue what it is we want, or become too insecure to maintain healthy relationships and boundaries. But the opposite is true for those of us whose egos tend to rule our lives through an overcompensation of control.

This transit will be shining a light on the relationship that we have with ourselves and our egos (Sun), because in order to truly be able to move forward in life, we first need to believe that we are worthy of leaving our pasts behind.

Many of us feel guilt over those decisions or experiences that did not work out or didn’t align with the person we want to become. In turn, we punish ourselves, we refuse to move forward because we think if other people aren’t happy then why do we deserve to be? We become our own judge and executioner, stunting not only our growth but our happiness a well.

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But the Sun opposite Jupiter wants to change all of that for us. Together, these two planetary bodies are asking us to forgive ourselves for what we did when we didn’t know better and to let life move in the direction that wants and needs to.

By allowing the flow of life and blessings into our lives, we are no longer stuck in the past, held prisoner by our choices or by those we share our lives with who don’t agree with how we are living. The Sun and Jupiter want you to move forward, believe in good things, and open yourself up to the possibilities that are trying to manifest themselves in your life.

While this transit deals with our overall life decisions, it also is heavily invested in our romantic lives because it deals with our sense of worth. In love, we only can accept what it is we think we deserve, meaning that if we don’t truly believe we are worthy of a healthy and loving relationship, we will continue to play out similar dynamics with people who are unable to fulfill our needs.

Sometimes we learn quickly, and for others we need to travel through a plethora of partners before we finally realize that we do deserve more than we’ve been accepting. But like everything else, it is a process. Before we know how we need to be loved, we first have to experience being loved in all of the ways that don’t fulfill us or make us feel good.

As ironic as it seems, we first need to learn what love isn’t before we are able to learn what love is for each of us and the relationships that we hope to have.

During the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, we are going to be asked to let go of some old karmic baggage in our lives and our hearts so we can believe in the blessings that are coming in, and so we can grow into another phase of our life while truly embracing what makes us authentically happy.

Even the most balanced of us can sometimes doubt if something is too good to be true, or that one day the luck we feel we are experiencing will eventually run out. While Jupiter is the planet of luck, it’s actually just the manifestation of all of the hard work we have put into healing ourselves and becoming the best possible person.

Nothing ever happens by chance, but instead because we have worked for it.

We need to be in the place to believe that we are worthy of great things in order to actually receive them, and to understand that it’s never been about being lucky, but about never stopping working on those things that mean the most to us.

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