How The Powerful Full Moon In Scorpio Will Greatly Affect Your Love Life This Week, Starting April 29th

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full moon in Scorpio
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Be careful what you wish for.

On April 29th, we will experience a full moon in Scorpio, the sign of our depths, our unconscious, our sexual desires, and also soulmates. What does this mean for your zodiac sign and love horoscope?

Thanks to astrology, this is one of the most powerful full moons that we have seen so far this year. This is because it's the first full moon of the new astrological year and marks a significant turning point since the January 31st lunar eclipse.

Eclipse cycles occur in six-month increments, so our current cycle that began on January 31st will end on the next lunar eclipse on July 27th, making this particular full moon the three-month/halfway point of this cycle.

There isn’t a question as to if this will be felt, but rather how it will be felt within all of our lives. This full moon in Scorpio will mark a significant turning point in our focus for this cycle.

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Because of the nature of 2018, with it being an "11" year in numerology, and having so many close ties with Venus, this year has and will primarily be about romantic relationships. But it’s not the "Oh, let’s settle down" kind of love — no, the relationships that are being closely affected are those that not only help us embrace our own authenticity but help us grow in directions we could never imagine.

This April full moon is a turning point — a moment in time in which forever will be marked by a before and after. Sounds incredible? Perhaps too good to be true? The thing is, it’s not.

Last year was all about the lessons we had to learn and then how to implement them; this year is about using the lessons and letting ourselves see the miracles that occur when we stop doing things the same way that we’ve always done them. The aspect that is interesting about this moon is that there doesn’t appear to be specific work that we have to do around this time; instead, it’s about us receiving what we’ve already put in the work for.

The April new moon that we saw on the 15th heavily highlighted new beginnings in relationships, and the previous two weeks have revolved around romance, love and commitment, which we will see peak around the time of the moon and signal that it’s a turning point within in our relationships. Full moons bring this to fruition, and even more interesting is the Sun trine Saturn occurring on the same day as this moon.

We’re achieving something big here around this moon. It might not be at work, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not going to pay off. It’s a time of success. We’ve done the work, we’ve kept the faith on the dark days, and what matters now is opening ourselves to the possibility of getting everything we’ve ever wanted.

Often unconsciously, we sabotage or create barriers so we don’t actually receive what it is we desire, which is the type of romantic love we say we all want. At first it seems like it wouldn’t make sense — after all, if we want it, why would we do anything to hurt getting it?

But a deeper truth is that many of us fear receiving what it is we say we most want. Not only do we consciously or subconsciously doubt our worthiness, but only when we have something of great value can we fear losing it.

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But this moon isn’t just about getting what we want, but also about long-term stability and success. Any relationship that began around the time of the new moon is set to develop in a very healthy way and have a solid enough foundation that it will actually last forever. Love lasting our entire lifetime seems to be something that has become an urban myth of late, but the truth is it does exist — we just have to do the work to actually have it.

The full moon in Scorpio is prime to take on the task of bringing lovers together, or to the next level in their relationship. This deep and emotional water sign is very intense and tends to gravitate toward the more spiritual connections. It’s incredibly passionate but also wants that long-term relationship.

There are no shortcuts for this sign, so it’s all about building together, and what happens when we truly invest in helping someone become their best possible selves.

The other important aspect is the moon forming a sextile to Saturn, which is going to bring a different energy into the factor of love, relationships and commitment. This energy is very protective not just of a partner but also of a family.

This transit is associated with showing how we feel for someone by literally showing up and by doing those small, seemingly insignificant things that actually add up to being quite important. This energy is very concerned with being the protector of a family and caring for their physical needs on a very serious but tender note.

The other aspect that is interesting is how Ceres, the governing body of modern parenthood, plays into this, suggesting that it’s going to a crucial moon for those single parents, either mothers or fathers. This energy, in combination with the moon and Saturn, suggests that we could not only find ourselves building romantic relationships but blending families together and creating our own version of happily ever after.

If single, this moon will focus more on your preparedness to be in relationship and might even shine a light on some relationships from the past that need clearing before you can finally move forward for good.

Regardless of romantic status though, this moon is without a doubt going to come in and change everything. This is why we always have to be careful what we wish for, because we just may get it.

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