How The Capricorn Transits Are Going To Affect Your Love Life This Week

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Mercury square Saturn
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Life will never be perfect, but it will be worth it.

On April 25th and 26th when we experience Mercury square Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto, which are both Capricorn transits, this will supercharge our passions both in and out of the bedroom.

Although this zodiac sign can sometimes get the bad rap of being stodgy, it really all depends on what planet is sashaying through his sign. So, what does this mean for your love horoscope? In astrology, Mars is the planet of our sexual energy and desires, which means passion in your relationships will be front and center.

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The first transit occurring on the 25th is a bit difficult, or at least has the potential to bring out the worst of even the best of situations. It’s Mercury in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn, which is a transit that favors a lot of hard, independent work. In astrology, a square is when two planetary bodies are within 90 degrees of one another.

During this time, we won’t be in the mood to play nicely with others or even be diplomatic in seeing their perspective or points of view.

In Aries, Mercury is even more fast-paced and quick-witted — it moves fast, thinks fast and speaks fast, which can also lead to us saying something we later wish we could take back — or worse, speaking before we know all of the facts. In combination with Saturn, we could be experiencing some very restrictive and harsh energy that could greatly affect how we interact with those in our lives.

We run the risk of taking out our frustrations on those that are closest to us, but doing so in a spontaneous and irreverent manner that we will later come to regret. This will mostly affect our personal relationships, meaning that during this Mercury square Saturn transit, we will likely be spurred to create arguments with our significant others, thinking that the issue at hand is a really big one, only to later realize we didn’t see the full truth of the situation.

All of this energy will only be magnified thanks to strict Saturn, making us feel frustrated and agitated but also as if we are up against a wall with nowhere to go. In many ways, this will have us feeling as if we have very strict boundaries set in place and we can’t win no matter what we do.

And that is where we begin the part of kissing and making up. Make-up sex is known as some of the best around, especially when we are still feeling that energetic frustration at our partner, although we have now resolved the issue. So, things become passionate, and that is thanks to Mars being hot and heavy on the scene.

The thing with life is that it’s sweet and sour; we have the moments that are difficult, hard and sometimes downright heartbreaking. And then we have the moments following it in which we’re made to see why it’s so worth it.

That is life, and sometimes it’s only within those really difficult periods where we tested to see how much something is worth trying, and what we are willing to do to protect something that is important to us.

On a small scale, this week’s astrology is a recipe for fantastic make-up sex; in the larger picture, it’s about how having passion changes our entire lives. Often, it seems that when we think of passion it’s only related to that of a sexual nature, but  this passionate energy should extend far from the bedroom and we should remain passionate on all fronts.

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In this second transit we have Mars conjunct Pluto, both planets in Capricorn. A conjunction means that the planets are close enough that they come together and almost act as one, bringing out the best in one another and helping each other. In this case, we have Mars, the planet that governs our sexuality, and Pluto, the planet that lives in the darkness and likes to explore what is hidden from the rest of the world.

How is this going to translate into our daily lives? Well, we will likely see arguments and fights associated with our personal relationships that will deal with an imbalance of some sort. This argument will cause us to lash out irrationally because we won’t know what to do with the assertive, passionate energy that will be in place.

We will ultimately know that we shouldn’t say something, but this time it won’t actually stop us from saying it. But then all of that turns around the next day when we’ve had a chance to see that it wasn’t a particular person but just a misunderstanding that caused us to experience those feelings, which means we will be feeling remorse and looking for a way to make up with the one that we love.

This is where Mars comes in — hot, heavy, and full of sexual energy and stamina. And thanks to Pluto, we’ll also be ready to spice things up a little bit.

Not only will our make-up sex be hot, but we also will be experimenting sexually and become more open to new positions or even types of sex. Because of the high level of energy that will be felt at this time, Tantric sex would greatly benefit both partners. This will help the intimacy grow between partners, leading to both people feeling a greater sense of wellbeing within their relationship.

Sometimes we feel fired up and we don’t know why. Sometimes we say the wrong thing or lash out when all we want is a hug. But that’s life, and it’s not supposed to be perfect, it’s only supposed to be worth it. 

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