Pluto Is In Retrograde! How It's Going To Seriously Affect Your Love Life For The Next Few Months

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Pluto in retrograde
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Change comes whether we we're ready or not.

On April 22nd, until September 30th, we will see Pluto in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. That means good news for your zodiac sign, as this transit will impact your horoscope, relationships, personal life, and astrology as a whole.

Pluto is an outer planet that is considered the lord of the underworld. While in recent years Pluto has gone back and forth from being classified as a planet, it doesn’t change the fact that its energy is extremely transformative, focusing specifically on the renewal and rebirth of our hearts, souls, and entire lives in many cases.

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A Pluto retrograde occurs each year, lasting for approximately five months, during which we are asked to travel through our subconscious and bring to light all that has been hidden below the surface.

Pluto doesn’t care about our comfort zones, he doesn’t care about how we thought our lives would go, and more importantly whether or not we think we’re ready for whatever chapter is trying to begin. The one guarantee with Pluto is that he comes into our lives to change everything, but timing is also crucial too.

With Pluto transits, we tend to feel caught off guard, especially if we have been delaying making changes or have dragged our feet over moving forward. While these retrograde periods are fairly consistent, we also need them each year because they allow us time to review where we are headed and why.

But this isn’t just about our lives; it's about the heart of the matter — quite literally, our love lives.

As we know, this year has been forecasted as one that will be going down in the books as far as changing up our personal lives and our primary romantic relationships. This year is an "11" year in numerology, which is important to know because it's the sign of soulmates and twin flames. Although Pluto is currently in Capricorn, he actually rules Scorpio, which is the sign that governs deep, soulful romantic connections.

During this time, because of Pluto’s deep romantic nature and the aspects Venus will be making, we will see transformative energy sweep through our love lives in the next few months. Often in astrology, when we have these retrograde periods, we have to wait until we get halfway through them or even to the end in order to see what was supposed to be manifesting. But this will not be the case this time around.

Pluto in retrograde occurs at the same time Mercury turned direct, freeing us up to communicate our needs, as we experience the first new moon of the astrological year in Aries, lighting a flame under our ambitions. Also, Saturn has turned retrograde. It’s almost as if the heavens are truly aligning to help us make the most of all the energy present.

In order to not only allow but also participate in drastic change, we need to be able to first free ourselves from the past. This means that not only do we have to find value in all we’ve experienced romantically, but also forgive ourselves for any past mistakes we have made.

None of us are born knowing how to love, how we need to be loved, or how to participate in a healthy relationship. Instead, these are lessons that we learn through loving, being loved and learning all the types of relationships that don’t fit our wants and needs.

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It’s been said that before we can know what we want, we first have to learn what it is we don’t, and while some of us seem to know shortcuts to forever, the truth is we are all learning. Pluto likes a willing student; he likes when we let go of the control and give up the need to have things our way. During this time, we are likely to see a lot of change both internally or externally in our relationships.

We will change not only how we think of our relationships but also want we want from them. Previously scared of commitment? Pluto will have you thinking of walking down the aisle. Unsure of whether it’s really over? Pluto will bring someone new into your life. Feel like a relationship has been stuck? Pluto will fire it up and give it a nudge into the next chapter.

Pluto is here to do all of the things that we may be too scared to actually initiate or speak about. New beginnings are ripe, and with the sun moving into Taurus, we are more likely to be thinking of how to shack up with the one that we love than plan a solo weekend away. Everything always happens at exactly the right time, and the truth is that sometimes, no matter how much we want it to, if it’s not happening it means that it’s not yet meant to.

Moving into this transit, it’s important to realize that it’s not a matter of if change will occur, but to accept that it will. Likely, once Pluto turns direct in September, our personal lives will look drastically different, some of us will be starting families or leading lives of domesticity that we never before would have thought possible.

Prior to the Pluto retrograde, it’s important to review the choices that we’ve made romantically and to let go of anything that still feels like it’s dragging on us so that we might free ourselves to actually move forward into our futures.

Pluto will change things regardless of if we want them to or not, but being prepared and having cleared space for those changes will dramatically improve the emotional atmosphere of this transit. Things will change, we will be starting new relationships or phases within those unions that are already permanent, and we will be growing up and growing together through whatever occurs.

Because sometimes, it’s just realizing that for the really big moments in life, we may never feel truly ready, but that doesn’t mean it’s not precisely what we need to do. 

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