How Venus In Taurus And The Venus-Pluto Trine Will Bring Passion Into Your Relationships And Love Life This Week

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Venus in Taurus
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Love should always make everything else better.

During the week of April 17th, we will see two Venus transits: Venus in Taurus and Venus trine Pluto. This will not only turn the heat up in our love horoscopes, but will also deepen the connection our zodiac sign feels with our partner. 

In the past few days, we have seen numerous transits with Venus that have not only spiced up our sex lives but have also made us truly feel that we actually may have found the one!

The first transit we will see is Venus in Taurus, opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. When we see the word opposite we tend to worry that it’s going to create a negative energy for us; however, it’s more of an opposites attract with these two, which will bring out our more playful and fun-loving side of our relationship.

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Venus is the planet of love and beauty and recently returned to her home sign of Taurus; this makes her focus more on commitment, earthly pleasures and her innate sensuality.

We’ve been drawn to take a look at the best aspects of our partner and to truly take our time in enjoying the qualities that we fell in love with in the first place. Venus in Taurus is where she is most comfortable and also where her best qualities can come out to play.

Opposite her is Jupiter in Scorpio who is about enhancing and growing everything to an even deeper and intense level. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, often associated with luck, wealthy and abundance, but Scorpio is the sign of deep soulmates.

During this year while Jupiter is in Scorpio, we will be seeing more occur in the realm of soulmates and twin flames. This transit doesn’t care of the frivolous or the shallow, but is mostly concerned with longevity and depth.

Together, these two planets will be inviting us to seek a deeper level of pleasure within our relationship, but because of the nature of them together, their energy will be most productive if we are able to be on vacation during this week. If on leave from our regular schedules, we will be able to do what comes the most natural with this transit which is to love, have fun, and to make the most of every day together.

However, the only difficulty we could face with this aspect is if we are confined to our regular schedules; we will be more apt to miss appointments, call out of work or not be able to focus on practical matters. Jupiter and Venus together are all about living life to the fullest and making the most of each moment with the person that we love.

It’s not about one-night stands though and instead, thanks to the energy of Taurus and Scorpio, it's more about commitment and the bond that occurs when we are with someone who can turn our bodies and minds on. While these two planets love a good time, they prefer it be done with someone that is a true companion, which means this is also where our focus will be.

This Venusian energy doesn’t end there though, because on the same day, we will experience Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn. If Venus and Jupiter just want to have fun and spend time together, Venus and Pluto are about commitment, relationship, and the mystical sexual attraction that can occur between those that have a strong karmic bond together.

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This transit adds incredible intensity to any deep, soulful relationships we are in or that begin around this time. The love that we will feel during this time will be felt deeply and in a way that is very different than before. These affections can be applied to any of those in our lives, but specifically toward our partner.

The interesting aspect with Venus and Pluto is that any relationship that begins around this time will likely be an important and long-term relationship, possibly even lasting forever. Together, these two planetary bodies will be influencing not only what we are looking for in a relationship but also how deep we are willing to go into the depths with another person.

Although Venus in Taurus and Venus trine Pluto are connected to deep, long-lasting, soulful relationships, the Venus and Pluto transit will be heavily affecting our sex lives with that deep love interest.

It’s not just that we will be aroused and wanting to be more intimate with our partner, but also that we will have an intense sexual connection with them. In many ways, sex can be seen as an act of spirituality, but only when we experience it with someone with whom we possess a deep connection.

During this transit, it’s not just about deep emotional bonds, but a shared sense of sexuality and interest. We could see ourselves experimenting sexually during this time, but because of the passionate energy we may become less concerned with birth control.

Another important aspect of this transit is to know that we may experience feelings of fascination with our partner which is experienced during the beginning of a relationship. It’s that whole "I want to spend all my time with you" type of feeling that we think is normal when it eventually fades away.

However, the relationships that begin with that level of intensity will likely sustain that energy indefinitely. It’s not in an obsessive way or in such a manner that we forget our own needs, but just that somehow it seems the honeymoon phase never actually ends.

But that is the thing to remember: when it’s a love that makes us who we are and is meant to last forever, anything it touches will effortlessly feel like it gets better, including the person we are growing into. 

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