How Aries Season, Starting March 21st, Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Everything in life is a choice, including love.

On March 21st, the Sun will move into the fire sign of Aries, kicking off a new astrological year. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, so even though we’ve been in 2018 for a little over 8 weeks, we are going to all be feeling like we are on the brink of a new chapter or outcome in our life.

But the Aries love horoscope doesn't just affect this fire sign; in fact, it impacts all zodiac signs. Though Aries and spring are harmonious with new beginnings, just because the air is ripe with possibility doesn’t mean that we don’t actually have to participate in the designing of our own lives.

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Currently, we are just shaking lose all that Pisces season has taught us, what this sign unearthed, what came up, and what we were meant to let go of. We have been in the process of clearing during the previous month so that we might be in the position to welcome our new beginning once it comes our way.

Aries is very different energy than Pisces. It’s more assertive, more in your face, and more determined to not just go after what it wants but also make things happen. Aries can build something from nothing, doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and knows that in order to get to the best parts, we have to go through the worst of times.

During the past few months, especially those gut-wrenching weeks around the eclipses, we have all had to walk some difficult and dark aspects of our paths, the moments that we never wanted to encounter and the challenges that we spent years running from. But we’re emerging from the other side now, and even if we can’t truly see the light as of yet, we are walking our way slowly and steadily to the other side that's already waiting for us.

2018 is an "11" year, so we knew that it was going to affect our close and personal relationships the most; we knew that it was going to cause some shifts, plot twists and endings, but everything that happens — even if we are unsure why — ultimately occurs for a reason and for the greater good.

This means that our romantic lives and relationships have been given an overhaul in the past few months; although, in truth, the lessons that we’ve learned have gone back even further than that. It means that we have spent a few years experiencing different types of relationships, different types of lovers, and probably even various types of love.

Not only are we all different, but we also all love differently. And during Aries season, we’re going to begin to feel a confidence in declaring what it is that we want and need from this life. We’re going to be growing a sense of self-assurance in making choices and decisions that will help us create the lives of our dreams and the romantic relationship we have envisioned living as well.

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But that doesn’t mean we’re all going to be running out to put a deposit down at the jewelry store or shopping for his and her towels. Aries likes to do things differently, and where Capricorn is traditional, Aries is the fire, the one that doesn’t care what anyone thinks, the first one to stand up and not care if he’s the only one breaking free from the status quo.

This means that we’re not going to be making choices because we should, or because we think we have to. Whatever choices we make are because we feel them deeply in our souls.

But to even admit what it is we want is sometimes an arduous process, especially if it deviates from the status quo. This process has been one that began years ago, probably around 2012, and long before we even realized it. Last year was all about the lessons coming together, and this year will be about the miracle in putting it all together.

We’re ready now. We’re ready for life, for love, for adventure and for a limitless life of expanded possibilities. This also means that we’re free to design our own lives and relationships. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do; commitment may come in the form of a hug or a trip somewhere exotic, it may have nothing to do with vows, and moving in together may just become a thing of the past.

We don’t need to disappear into someone else’s life in order for us to feel loved, and we don’t need the external validation of rings or the approval of others. We’ve spent the time living and loving for others, but now there is going to be a shift to bring us back to the center where we are the ones who decide not only what makes us happy but what love and a personal relationship even mean to us.

During Aries season, we need to simply expect the unexpected. This means that anything goes. We can see very swift and quick changes, new relationships beginning, different forms of untraditional commitment, and an overall rebel attitude in terms of our hearts and what they will accept.

Yet, as much as we are going to be raring to go at the start, we will also be experiencing a Mercury retrograde, which is asking us to slow down for a few weeks and start this new beginning off right until we get to mid-April. And then it is all systems go.

For now, we just have to focus on what matters most, and remember to never forget that the only person that truly has to be happy with our choices is ourselves. Because everything in this life is a choice, including not only love, but happiness as well. 

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