How The Climactic March 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life All Month Long

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monthly love horoscope for March
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Some endings are just a beginning in disguise.

March is the not only the last month of the Zodiac cycle, but it's also the first. It’s the time when Pisces and Aries collide and we say goodbye to all we've learned the previous year, as well as pump ourselves up to begin a fresh start and see what astrology has planned for us.

And your monthly love horoscope for March is a great way to learn all about how your relationships will change this month.

While Valentine’s Day has long passed, the effects of the solar eclipse on the 15th of February are still in our skies and will be helping to amp up our love and sex lives during the course of the next month along with Venus and Mars.

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This month starts with a full moon in Virgo, the first since the end of January, and will be grounding us in processing and moving forward with our relationships that began over the past several weeks. This moon will be directing us to focus on the good in our relationships and what brings us joy and love.

There will also be a strong theme around this moon of letting go of what is no longer working. This doesn’t necessarily point to relationships in general, but rather outdated or worn out patterns.

March always asks us to upgrade, to change, and even to focus more on becoming our best possible selves. This month is no exception.

In numerology, March is a "3" month which highlights not only the connection between mind, body and spirit, but also deals with universal truth. Pair that with 2018 being an "11" year and not only are we sure to be in for some big moments, but they also are going to be part of a much bigger plan that we could never have planned for.

Sometimes, especially in relationships, we aren’t ready for the truth because it has a way of changing everything — not necessarily in a bad way, but change itself can be hard. The thing with this month is that it always is a game changer month. We wrapping up Pisces season and starting Aries, which is all about action and drive, and we also have the Vernal Equinox.

It’s truly a time that will mark a "before and after," and will change the trajectory that we are currently on or even expect to be in the foreseeable future. But it’s not going to be easy.

This month asks us to step up in some pretty big ways, to take the chances we’ve previously been too scared to, and to jump even if we aren’t quite sure we can fly.

March always holds some big lessons for us because of where it is in the astrological year. In January, we are still under last year’s energies despite all of us shouting about New Year’s resolutions, and February is that time when it feels like the fog is just beginning to clear. By March, we finally are settling into the New Year and realizing what we need to do, even if we dragged our feet during the first eight weeks of 2018.

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It’s the time when we can’t run anymore — from ourselves and the decisions that are calling to us — which means that, in terms of our hearts and the relationships we invest in, it's do or die time. Unlike February, your monthly love horoscope for March isn’t about big revelations or even specific dates that will forever turn our lives around; rather, it's an overall feeling of waking up to the truth of our hearts.

In many ways, March will be landing us exactly where we are meant to be. Specifically, this month will be a big one for those in relationships which are either just beginning or less defined. 

This translates to a lot of truth and some serious conversations, but if we’ve been doing the work, this is the time when we will see the benefits of that through better communication, higher levels of intimacy, and a sense of growing partnership with the person we are involved with.

It might not be the dramatic season of commitment that we saw in Capricorn during the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be single any longer either. For many of us, it seems there is only black and white when it comes to relationships — either we’re single or we’re not.

But there are a variety of gray areas and sometimes it’s just about communicating so we can find what best fits us and our needs.

This will be a big month of unpredictability — relationships may move fast, may blindside others, may change quickly, but it's all for the greater good. Ultimately, March is a month in which we can’t predict what will happen, except to say that anything is truly possible if we make the choice to see life that way.

It’s a month that might feel heavy with endings, closure even, but will also hold the brightness and hope of new beginnings. 

As we begin this month, we are drawing inward toward our souls to think about what the last 12 months have held and how far we’ve come. And as Aries season kicks into high gear during the second half of the month, we will feel the push to take action to manifest the love that we see for ourselves and in the way that feels most authentic.

There might be some hurt feelings, confusion from others, and even those on the outside who think we’re just plain crazy, but none of that matters if we’ve found our happy. What someone else thinks fits us, or even what we thought fit at one point, doesn't matter; our true happiness is the kind that doesn’t really ever fade.

In order for something new to begin we first have to say goodbye to what was and accept that the only guarantee in life is that it will never go as planned. 

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