4 Biggest Signs You're Not In Love With Him (That You Can't Ignore)

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If You Do These 4 Things, You're Not In Love With Him
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Do the poor guy a favor and let him go.

By Kenzie

You like them but you don’t really like them; you’re constantly in a state of limbo.

Behind closed doors you guys are tight. You’ll lay on his lap while he runs his fingers through your hair. You’ll stay over at his place and not think twice about it. You two have the best of times together, but only behind closed doors.

Once you get outside with them, you don’t want to hold their hand or pull them close. You’d prefer to stay a safe distance away from them, in fear of what others might think. You’ll find yourself giving other guys “the look.” You’ll wink or watch as a hot guy passes. And as the hot guy passes, you hope he doesn’t think that you’re dating the guy you’re actually there with.

You keep the guy you’re dating close enough that he’ll stick around, but not close enough that he knows that you only like him to a certain extent. 

It makes you feel bad because you know that you’re treating him horribly. He deserves better than you and you know it. But, you want to milk this relationship as long as possible.

Any of this sound familiar? These are the signs you're not in love. If it does sound familiar, it probably means that are you are or you have dated someone who is wrong for you. Maybe the guy is a rebound. Or maybe he reminds you of someone from your past. Or maybe he is a filler until you find someone better. Either way, the relationship was never and never will be as fulfilling as a relationship you could have with someone that matters to you.

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Here are four tell-all signs that will prove you are dating someone who is wrong for you.

1. You don’t care about them

They will tell you about their day and you hate to listen. You’d rather just talk their ear off and not give them a second to respond. It’s hard to listen to the stories they tell because you only care a little for them. Whatever they may be interested in, whether it is sports, anime or underwater basket weaving, it is all annoying to you. You can’t stand to hang out with his friends and listen to them chatter about the latest sports game or anime tv show. You’d honestly rather be somewhere else.

2. You don’t treat them right

This one can be a hard pill to swallow. It’s hard to admit when you aren’t treating someone with the respect they deserve. Because you don’t care about them enough to listen to them and enjoy what they like, you tend to treat them badly. This can come out in the way you speak to them, touch me and look at them. It doesn’t just show in the way you physically treat them. You should always treat the person you’re with right. And if you don’t, it’s time to get out of that relationship.

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3. You treat them like they are disposable

Disposable? Yes disposable. You literally treat this person like they have an expiration date or have a one-time use policy. The person you are with is a person. They deserve to be treated better than that. If you find yourself not committing to things with them, trying to jump ship but waiting for someone else to come along or being wary of discussing the future with them, you are treating them like they are disposable. It’s another hard pill to swallow.

4. They deserve better

And after all of that, they obviously deserve someone better. And you know it. They deserve someone who treats them with the respect they deserve. They deserve someone who will be there for them when times get tough. They deserve someone who will look at them like they are your whole world and not just a piece of it.  

And that’s what you deserve too.

You deserve to be with someone who makes you happier than anyone; someone who makes you forget that everyone else exists. You deserve to have someone who makes you believe in love and that you love to hear from. Not someone who you can’t stand to be around. That just isn’t right.

So, the next time you realize you’re dating someone because you are trying to fill a void, remember, you’re dating someone who is wrong for you. Have the courage to wait around for someone who is right for you.

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