25 Romantic Love Songs To Play On Valentine's Day

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Love Songs Valentine's Day Spotify Playlist

The perfect soundtrack for your Valentine's Day.

As we’re getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, it’s got me thinking about all the single people, recently coupled, and those who are in a long-term relationship.

When you're in a relationship, what gets you in the mood to be all lovey dovey? Romcoms? Romantic gestures? Music?

Well I won’t get into all of the above. However as someone who loves music like I do, I've created a playlist of songs that I like when I’m in that romantic state of mind, and hopefully you like them too.

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Before we get into the list, I just would like to say a couple of things. Firstly, I tried to keep it diverse but it’s pretty Justin Bieber and Chris Brown heavy.

Needless to say, these are two of the music industry’s best selling artists, and there’s a reason why. When it comes to their vocal ability, and what they have to say, they’re just that dang good. 

Secondly, it’s important to remember that not everyone is in a relationship on Valentine's Day.

Therefore they don’t necessarily want to be in full-blown lovey dovey mode. We've provided some songs for you too, newly single people! From broken-hearted lyrics to fresh, new ways of getting her back, we've got the whole gamut covered.

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Interestingly enough, I recently took a poll asking followers what makes for better music, giving them options from the infatuation phase to breakups and heartbreak. Surprisingly, the majority of people chose heartbreak.

Because of that, the last set of songs on this playlist are dedicated to those singles who aren’t in a relationship on Valentine's Day, but were in one at some time in the past. 

If you're open to good music no matter what lovestage you're in, here are the top songs on Spotify to listen to on Valentine's Day (or any day) when you're ready for a romantic groove. 


1. Best Love — Yuna

Sometimes it’s hard to take the risk of transforming your longtime friendship into a relationship. However sometimes all it takes is an intimate conversation, and Yuna makes you realize that on this feel good song.

2. Girls Like You — Maroon 5

Have you been messing around with someone for a little while but have yet to put a label on it, even though you know you should? Then this song is for you as Maroon 5 sings “I need a girl like you,” and “cause girls like you run around with guys like me.”

3. Get Used to It —  Justin Bieber

Are you one of those people who’s the less romantic one in the relationship? Well don’t fight it too hard because there’s no escaping it sometimes as Bieber sings in this up-tempo song.

4. Bet My Heart — Maroon 5

Are you newly in a relationship but are scared to take a chance on love because of your past relationships? Maroon 5 can relate as they question “is it real, is it fake?” and “would I lose if I bet my heart on you?” However, don’t let that hold you back because each opportunity in life is different than the last.

5. Trust — Justin Bieber

Are you in love but having trouble trusting it will work out? Well don’t. You’ll see why as Bieber sings “don’t let this go to waste,” and “did we really come this far just to watch it go down the drain?”

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6. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) — Chris Brown

Did you get your new girl’s number by seeing her walk down the street and taking a chance or was it in the grocery store by the produce section? Then you can definitely relate to this classic Breezy song.


7. Feel Like Makin Love  Kwabs

You ever see some PDA, and you think right away about your significant other? If not then this song will make you as Kwabs kills it on this acoustic cover.

8. Take My Time — Chris Brown ft. Tank

Picture this, you’re showering and listening to some music, now you go to dry yourself off. Then you hop out of the shower, walk into your bedroom to see candles lit your man singing to you. You think to yourself, “shoot I just got cleaned and now I’m about to get dirty.” 

9. OG Heartthrob — Majid Jordan

You’ve been messing around with a certain someone for some time now, but you decide to take a break and see other people. However two weeks into this break you get 7 missed calls from this someone at 2:43 a.m. on a Saturday and a message saying “have my heart, it’s yours.” Majid Jordan pleads to a girl to keep a good thing going in this catchy song.

10. P.O.V. — Dvsn

Have you ever had life stress you out but your significant other gets you in the mood to change that stress into pleasure? That’s what Dvsn does to this old school instrumental as he sings “I don’t like it when you stress, but I like it when you take your stress out on me.”

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11. The Feeling — Justin Bieber ft. Halsey

Have you been seeing someone for some months now, and you feel in love but are scared to admit it? Sometimes you fall in love quicker than you expect to but it does happen as you’ll see on this song that Bieber and Halsey sing “am I in love with you, or am I in love with the feeling?” and “can’t get out of my head and I need you to save me.”

12. Let’s Get Married — Jagged Edge

Are you still with the same person you’ve been with for many years now and know you want to get married? Then listen to this classic song by this classic group, as they sing about not wasting anymore time and taking it to that next level!

13. Let’s Stay Together — Maroon 5

Is your relationship on the rocks but the love is still as strong as when it started? Then listen to this Maroon 5 cover of this classic song to make you feel better about the relationship.

14. Wait — Maroon 5

Have you faced some adversity in your relationship, but know the love has only gotten stronger? Then you can definitely relate to this Maroon 5 song.

15. Next To You — Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber

We all want to experience the type of love that would last forever, right? And that's exactly what Justin Bieber and Chris Brown do with this upbeat love song from lyrics like "nothing will ever come between us," to "everything that I have is yours," it's obvious that with your girl by your side, you can face anything.

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16. Thinking Out Loud — Ed Sheeran

We all want a love so deep that has no expiration date right? Especially when our legs don’t work like they used to before.

17. Mirrors — Justin Timberlake

They say opposites attract, but in reality some of the strongest relationships are between people who are just like each other. Do you feel like this is you and your significant other? JT seems to think so as he sings “cause it’s like you’re my mirror,” and “I’m lookin right at the other half of me.”

18. Perfect — Ed Sheeran ft. Beyonce

Do you have a love that seems so good it’s perfect? Then you know exactly what Ed and Queen Bey are talking about in this star-studded duet.

19. More Than a Woman — Calvin Richardson

For all the women out there who have put up with the nonsense of their man for some time now, you are all the real MVP. Sometimes you want that validation that you hold it down though, am I right? This song is that validation as Richardson sings “looking back, reminiscing on, caught a brother doing bad,”  “you held it down,” and “you must have lost your way from heaven.”

20. No Less — G-Eazy

Sometimes you have to see the potential in your significant other instead of doubting by default due to their line of work. You’ll see that as G-Eazy raps “you heard about them h**s, my reputation follows me, but I just cut ‘em off trading quantity for quality.”

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21. Paradise — Chris Brown 

You ever end a relationship and move on, only to find out after the fact that you had it pretty good. It happens to the best of us, even Brown as he sings “got me all out of place and it don’t feel right,” and “now I’m paying the price, I fell out of paradise.”

22. Lonely — Demi Lovato ft. Lil Wayne

Have you ever felt lonely, but know you’re better off alone than with that ex of yours? Then you can probably relate as Demi sings “cause you know I always needed saving,” and “but all you do is leave me f**king lonely.”

23. Let You Go — Leroy Sanchez 

You ever grow as a result of a relationship, and you just want to let your ex know that there’s no way you’d let them back in? Then this song is for you as Leroy sings “and now I see you comin’ round, but I wont let it bring me down.”

24. Love You —  Roy Woods 

Have you ever had a relationship end because of your partner’s suspicion of disloyalty? Then you know what Roy is singing about as he says “you cuss me ‘bout my text,” and “I was only tryin’ to love you.”

25. Matter — Chris Brown

You ever get so in your feelings that everything in your life reminds you of your ex, which makes you feel like you don’t even exist? Well you’re not alone as Brown sings “why you giving up? Can you see me? Am I invisible?” and “it’s like I don’t even matter.”