Horoscope And Astrology Forecast On January 25, 2018 For All Zodiac Signs

 Horoscope And Astrology Forecast On January 25, 2018 For All Zodiac Signs
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Everyone has a stubborn side.

Your daily horoscope is here for all zodiac signs, astrology lovers! We have a challenge in change — two fixed zodiac signs: one who lives for change and the other who would rather die than change something they are determined to keep.

Aquarius season has launched but now we find the first zodiac sign relationship that may stump Aquarius's intellectual energies. The Bull is strong and determined, but they also know what they don't like. Sadly, so does Aquarius and this is where the fun begins.

We can all learn something from these two zodiac signs: a lesson on trying to change someone that 1) will never change for anyone unless they decide to do so on their own, and 2) will only dig into their determination to be who they are the more that you try to change them. 

This is the personality of a stern Taurus. 

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One conversation you could easily chat to a fellow Aquariuan about is their experiences with handle other strong personalities, and how things went down.
If you have ever met someone you genuinely liked, and yet, a part of you felt that there was something that could be improved so you tried to change them, you'll understand how frustrating it feels.
 There's a person-changer in all of us. Some of us just like to see things improve. 
We may try to change the volume of someone's voice because we prefer soft-spoken tones. 
We may even try to change the way someone things about a subject, and when they don't see things our way, it's push and shove with negative backtalk, or even a silent treatment. 
There could even be a determination to find the magic button to change someone, and when it's left buried (if it even exists at all) you become upset and frustrated.
This situation is broken! The relationship irreparable! The other person desperately flawed all because of a refusal to change something.
When someone is firm on their decision, it's difficult to sway them to do anything else otherwise. 
It's kind of funny, that someone as intelligent as an Aquarius would even bother to take on the impossible.
Call it a love for a challenge or an unwillingness to let go of their own stubborn pride, it's a lesson of futility that we can all learn from, today.

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Astrology takeaway:

When quick thinking and progressive Aquarius sees the 'potential' for Taurus to use his or her traits in a different way, and yet, Taurus will not ... these bits of crazy making in their relationship can happen.The truth is that they are possible in all of us. 
Today, if you are in the process of trying to make an improvement that's not your own but in someone else and you see that stubborn side kick in, think about Taurus and how this manifestation matches today's moon in his sign. The more you try to push, the less likely the changes that may take place will be permanent. Change comes from within. 

Activities that are good for today's energy forecast include meditation, relaxing at home, cooking comfort foods, reading.

Where your zodiac sign's house is positioned on the astrology zodiac wheel, and where the planets are positioned at that time, your energy and reaction to that placement may be different than someone else.

Zodiac signs who get a lucky boost of energy are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces — Aquarius has a double power day!

Check out your zodiac sign below to see today's daily horoscope for Thursday, January 25, 2018.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Tarot: The Chariot

Aries, take things one moment at a time and enjoy learning about other people before trying to add your thoughts or desires to the conversation. You may find that things work for you in a good way in an area of finances when you take a more moderate approach to. 

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Tarot: Temperance

Taurus, letting go of control may work to a positive benefit in a project or work relationship. Listen to the perspective of others before jumping to conclusions or making any commitments.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Tarot: The Magician

Gemini, appreciate the little things today. You may find that there's a change that involves closing the door on a project or activity that you aren't really getting much out of at this time. If you can table it for now and move on to something else that will be your best move.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Tarot: The Hanged Man

Cancer, discipline and thoughtful application of your energy goes a long way today. Cover your basis and write down what you want to accomplish throughout the day. Set your mind right and things will coast. 

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Tarot: The Hierophant

Leo, envy may try to show up in a weird way, but it's just a nudge to do what you are working on anyway. Although you may not always like extra reminders when you're already doing what you had planned, the universe gives a nudge to let you know you're on the right path. 

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Tarot: The Emperor

Virgo, let the good times and good love flow in. Sometimes when little things don't run as smoothly as you'd like them to be, it can seem like you need to do something major to improve the situation. Not today. A little forgiveness and understanding goes a longer way.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Tarot: Temperance

Libra, honor your health and your body will thank you. Take extra care to be mindful and kind to the most important person in your life — you! 

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Tarot: The Devil

Scorpio, have a growth mindset and things will continue to expand your conscious awareness. You may be in a position to expand your personal network of influence and see things move from productive to prosperous soon.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Tarot: The Fool

Sagittarius, take responsibility to speak up when you think it's needed. You have a tact that others wish that they had but there are times when you do hold back your own thoughts. Today, you might be torn between saying something that needs to be said or the timing of the message.Trust your instincts. 

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Tarot: The High Priestess

Capricorn, failure is progress. Progress is a form of moving in a direction and as long as you're learning you're growing. You may have a new lesson on your hands. Study what's happening in your circle of friends and see where you can gain a wisdom nugget without having to walk down the same path.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Tarot: The Lovers

Aquarius, the past often handles itself and the future is now. Make the most of the moment you have while with others or working on a passion project. What didn't get done shouldn't be lamented. Focus on the now. 

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Pisces, trust your self and your inner tuition. Your guides are here to show you what way to go. Your inner voice can speak loudest when you give it room to be heard. 

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