How Mercury Moving Into Aquarius On January 31st Will Affect Your Love Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks

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Mercury moves into Aquarius
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If you feel it, then say it.

On January 31st, just as we are experiencing the celestial trifecta lunar event, Mercury moves into Aquarius. The skies always set up in such a way to embrace us so that we may seize opportunities as they are presented to us and leap when we are given the chance of a lifetime.

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If you follow astrology, you know that horoscopes are a great way to learn about yourself. But how will this event impact your zodiac sign and love horoscope? Well, the same day that we see this transit we have our once in a lifetime lunar eclipse, which is like an accelerant on every aspect of our lives.

But we could see it specifically affecting the romantic area of our charts. Because it seems that the one thing none of us can actually live without is love.

For many of us, our focus has been on our personal relationships since the eclipse season began last August. There have been many instances of people coming together that others would have seen as unlikely, just as we are seeing couples or marriages break up. This is the lesson of eclipses: expect the unexpected.

As January began, we were all excited to begin a new year, yet for most of us it seemed that we weren’t quite able to actually get there — we could see it, and even taste it in some ways, but we couldn’t actually grab a hold of it. As the month has progressed, we've been under some truly heavy Capricorn energy that was asking us all too continually build, to keep working and to not look down.

Gradually, there has been a shift away from the Capricorn way of life as more planets shift into Aquarius. What’s really interesting is the energy that Aquarius brings is so well suited to following Capricorn, because after working so hard what is the one thing that we all want to do? Let loose a little bit, of course.

But that doesn’t mean this is a time for games; rather, we have been working so hard to build what it is we want, to dig through our muck and keep our nose to the grindstone that now we finally get to enjoy the payoff from working so hard.

We want to break free a little bit, to enjoy the benefits from having been so diligent, and when Mercury moves into Aquarius, it's that spur of action and desire to want to create and find happiness.

Mercury is the planet that governs our communication, which is why when he retrogrades, it tends to throw all of us in a little bit of a tizzy. But retrogrades are behind us and Mercury is at home in Aquarius, so this means that we will find it easier to take the thoughts we are having, and find the words to speak and communicate them to the people that matter in our lives.

But on the heels of a big moon that is just dripping in anticipating of a new beginning, it also means that we’re going to want to break free from a lot that we’ve felt has been holding us back. This means that anything we had to carry with us into the new year now feels like a dead weight we can no longer support.

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Mercury in Aquarius isn’t known for placating people or for smoothing things over; instead, he calls it like he sees it and doesn’t have time for less. We will all be feeling this energy and while it’s going to make it easier to express ourselves, the other side is that we will have to struggle with tact at times.

In terms of our relationships, this means that if we have to do any clearing of relationships or romantic situations, it will occur swiftly and without the glossing over of feelings or emotions, leaving us feeling like it was a blunt ending. This can lead to hurt feelings or egos, but rather than focusing on the negative or what is ending, it’s important to think about the space that is being made for something else to come in.

It can also lead to some wonderful moments. Think of The Notebook in which Noah grabs Allie and yells, “It wasn’t over! Hell, it still isn’t over” as he kisses her. That is the upside of Mercury in Aquarius: Passionate, right on point, no mincing of words and straight to the heart. 

These very same qualities are what we will be gravitating toward in the coming weeks. This means that there is going to be no mistaking what is meant for us.

We also will be attracted toward those aspects of life and love that are different and unique. This includes how we approach dating as well as our sex life in the bedroom. Aquarius is an air sign and likes to do things differently; they want to experiment and experience as many aspects of life that they can.

Mercury in Aquarius wants to try new things. So far this year, we’ve still had to settle older matters, we’ve had to tie up loose ends and plan our next adventure. But now that we have, we are ready for newness. This transit is going to be igniting that desire within all of us to break free from any molds that we are still clinging to and expel any sort of safety net we’ve been living with.

Not only does this transit favor new and exciting endeavors, but it also opens up the gateway for truth — not just about where we stand in our relationships, but who we truly are and what kind of life we plan on living.

It’s up to us to embrace change, to live authentically, and while perhaps we had other matters we had to first tend to, now that life is waiting. The only question is if we are going to answer or chose to put off fate for another day. 

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