How Wednesday's Super Blue Blood Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse (The First In 150 Years!) Will Affect Your Love Life

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This rare convergence will change the rest of your life.

On January 31st, there will be a super blood blue moon and lunar eclipse in the heart-centered sign of Leo. During this time, the world will shift and forever there will be a "before and after" that we will all remember for years to come, if not for the rest of our lives.

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Whether or not you follow astrology, this event will affect all the zodiac signs and even your horoscopeBecause there is no over-exaggerating the significance of this lunar event; in fact, the last time we experienced such an occurrence was over 150 years ago!

The reason that this is such a unique and awe-inspiring event is because we have several separate events all colliding on the same day and enhancing the energy of everything that is involved.

What is a super blue blood moon?

A super moon is when the moon is 30 percent closer to earth, making it seem larger, brighter and overall more luminous. Especially noteworthy about this one is that it’s the finale of a trilogy of three that we saw begin back in 2017.

Three is the number of the divine — the holy trinity which represents mind, body and spirit. We often see this number come up in terms to divine partnerships and soulmates as well.

A blood moon is when the earth’s shadow is cast over the moon creating a reddish appearance and glow; by themselves they also are rare as we haven’t experienced one since 2014.

Now, creating even more significance around this is that it’s also a blue moon, meaning that it’s the second full moon within the same calendar month. 2018 isn’t playing around.

We began the year with a super full moon and since then we have traversed the mountains of Capricorn, felt the depths of the new moon on January 16th which initiated us into Eclipse Season, and now we have this moon on the 31st, which honestly couldn’t get any bigger and more profound than it already is.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: What is trying to get our attention in our lives? What aspect, option or avenue is standing in front of us jumping up and down saying, “Look at me, look at me”?

Perhaps we haven’t wanted to look. Maybe we thought it wasn’t what we should be looking at or maybe we just haven’t been ready to look at it. But regardless of what we’ve been doing, there is some aspect of our lives that the universe doesn’t want us to miss out on.

This moon is the big show-stopper this month, wanting to call our attention and focus toward the next chapter of our lives.

Eclipses run in cycles and this one is part of what began for us back in August of 2017 with the total solar eclipse. Since then, we’ve been asked to focus on something in particular in our lives.

We might have had a career move, a big relationship question, an obstacle, or maybe it was a life change in a different direction. But regardless, we’ve all been working on something during these part six months, and now we are going to see the greater meaning behind what we’ve been working on.

Eclipses are the drama queens of astrology but rightly so. Things come in hot and heavy during these times with big sweeping changes or the moments that happen instantaneously, yet end up shaping the next twenty years of our lives.

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During this time, what we’ve been consciously or unconsciously learning about or investing in will come to a head. If it’s something like a job or relationship that is meant to stay with us into this next phase, then it will be very clear.

We will receive news of promotions, commitments, or just an intense affirmation in a very obvious way. But if it’s not, the likewise is true.

This means that things have a way of falling apart around eclipses. We unexpectedly have to transfer jobs, move somewhere else, or a relationship seems to have hit a dead-end. Sometimes one of the most difficult things we can do is let something go that is trying to leave.

Not everything or even everyone is meant to stay in our lives long-term. We are not meant to stay in the same place forever in our lives; instead, we are meant to grow, to open up, and to let ourselves be transformed by what we experience.

This is just the beginning of an incredible year that we have ahead of us. It won’t have the same difficult lessons that 2017 saw us wracking our brains over, but that doesn’t mean that it will be an easy ride.

However, the difference is that whatever this year asks of us, we already have well within our power to do.

If we need to be fearless in pursuing a dream or to make a big step in our relationships, that courage is there; we just have to embrace it. If we feel uncertain if a job or a friendship has overstayed its welcome, it’s up to us to get in touch with our intuition and to make the choice to follow what we know is right.

There is no way to prepare for what this super blue blood moon has in store. The best bet is that we have to honestly just make the choice to go with the flow and pay attention to what is trying to leave but also what is trying to come in and begin as well.

We have to decide to be open to seeing where the universe leads, knowing that ultimately everything that happens will serve some greater purpose.

And we have to believe the bad times are behind us, and that maybe the universe really does conspire to bring people together, to create hope from ashes, and to deliver not a happy ending but a truly happy beginning. 

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