Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of December 4-10, 2017

weekly horoscope and tarot card reading for December 4 to 10, 2017
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Make your new relationship successful.

Your weekly love tarot horoscopes are here, astrology lovers!

Falling in love is beautiful. Whether it's for the first time or the 29th, the thrill of it is the same. The same heart-pounding intensity. The same knot of butterflies in the pit of our stomach. The same rush of fire through our veins.

We feel magnificent in the presence of this other person... and then, the doubts set in. What if this relationship fails? What if he is not the one? What if I end up heartbroken and taken advantage of? What if? What if? What if?

Isn't it funny how we fear the end of something even before it truly begins? That's exactly what we are going to address in your weekly horoscope and tarot card reading for December 4 to 10, 2017: What you can do to make sure your new love succeeds, all based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: Illusion

Love can distort reality. Like the silver light of the Moon that makes everything appear different in the dark of the night. And that, Aries, is the Tarot's message for you.

Beware of illusions cast on you by the intensity of your newfound emotions lest they take you down a path you don't want to find yourself in. It can be difficult to understand the true nature of something, a person or a relationship when we are flooded by intense longing and love. So take a step back and figure out if you are truly seeing this relationship for what it is or are deluding yourself into a trap.

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TAURUS: Prince of Coins

Taurus, you may have fallen for this new person because of the way they look and make you feel in their presence, but remember that this feeling won't last for too long. Because the truth is, love needs more care and attention to thrive than lust.

So if you want your new relationship to be successful, you need to be patient, work hard on growing your bond through the thick and thin of life, and be wise.

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GEMINI: Ace of Cups

It's the season of the muse, Gemini. Don't you hear the violins playing? So revel in this beautiful moment right now. The Ace of Cups is the card of first love and potential, and its message for you is this: be full, be passionate, and be inspired. That's the key to long-term success.

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CANCER: 5 of Staves

Are you fighting just for the sake of stirring up some drama, Cancer? Yes? No? Don't know? If your new love relationship is strained currently because of fights and petty dramas, then take a step back and figure out if your fights are truly necessary or are just reactions based on how you are feeling inside at the moment.

Don't lose sight of what is important because you are flooded with emotions and mood swings.

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LEO: King of Arrows

So you want your new relationship to succeed, Leo? Then here's the Tarot's message for you: love is not just about passion and romance. It is also about practicality and being each other's greatest cheerleaders and guiding stars. So use your mind and be sharp. Become a calm leader.

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VIRGO: 8 of Coins

Actions speak louder than words, Virgo. So if you have made a commitment, stick to it. Nothing destroys relationships faster than flakiness. So be dependable, trustworthy, and wise. You cannot create the foundation of a strong relationship after five years. You need to create it now.

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LIBRA: 9 of Coins

My dear Libra, you cannot make a relationship last long by finding faults in it all the time or by criticizing your partner and stirring up petty fights. Instead, the path to lasting love lies through the valley of satisfaction, sensuality, and feeling internally accomplished. Remember: Positivity is a beacon that draws people closer.

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SCORPIO: 2 of Staves

You and your partner, Scorpio, are a team now. So make sure you complement each other's strengths and balance out the weaknesses. This way, whatever the two of you set your sight on will be yours in the end.

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SAGITTARIUS: Ace of Arrows

Sagittarius, truth can be like a double-edged sword. It can cut you as easily as it cuts another. So be wise and wield your sword with care. The path to long-term success in your new relationship lies in being wise, growth-oriented, and compassionately honest.

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CAPRICORN: King of Coins

You will love the message the Tarot has for you this time, Capricorn. Why? Because it goes so well with your intrinsic nature.

If you want to make your new relationship successful, you need to be steadfast and create wealth and prosperity for the two of you. Just remember, you are not walking this path alone. So don't push your significant other away in your quest to provide for both of you. Lead him (or her) to become a part of the venture as well.

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AQUARIUS: Queen of Coins

Aquarius, if you want your relationship to last for a lifetime, you will need to take a step back from being so cerebral and critical and start being more nurturing, accepting, and harmonizing. After all, love thrives in the presence of positivity.

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PISCES: 8 of Arrows

Are you feeling trapped, Pisces? Feeling victimized by circumstances into saying yes to this new relationship? Then you need to take a step back and figure out if you are truly trapped or are unconsciously playing the victim card to generate sympathy for yourself.

The truth is, we are the masters of our own fate. And if Victor Frankl could exercise his mental freedom while locked away in a Nazi concentration camp, anyone in the world can. You just need to take off your self-imposed blindfolds and bindings to see how free you truly are.

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