Venus Conjoins Jupiter On Monday — How This Rare Celestial Event Will Impact Your Love Life

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The law of love and attraction set into motion.

Just before sunrise on Monday morning, a celestial phenomenon that only happens every 13 months takes place in the sky. No, it's not the end of the world (again) but your bad luck may finally be over. Why? Venus, the planet of love conjoins with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance in the sign of Scorpio, which is the 8th House of the Zodiac. 

Scorpio is commonly known as a sign where secrets, taboo, and passion take place. But did you know that in Astrology, the 8th House is also known as the House of Death and Inheritance — and even prayer —with a focus on relationships? Although that may seem an odd association, it's in love that we learn to let go, overcome our selfishness and birth a new sense of self.  

So what happens when luck and love meet in Scorpio? Well, lots. Venus and Jupiter are ruled by other horoscope or zodiac signs. and so their energies create an opportunity to learn about how to love better and how to make good love bring luck your way. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the Archer, half man, half beast, armed with arrows to defend his right to be independent and free. Anything Jupiter touches is met with good luck and growth, but not for himself. No, Jupiter does this for others. His energy is masculine, but he's also a "social" planet whose powerful, isn't about size — it's in his knowledge of life.

Venus knows a thing or two about life and love, but she's a feminine spirit. Her planet rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus and Libra are family-oriented zodiac signs who don't like it when their home life or family relationships are in disarray. Taurus is the Hierophant, the traditionalist. He is the masculine force that reminds us to provide for our family's needs. The sign of the Bull is also a protector whose stubborn pride and tenacity focuses in on what needs to be done for follow through. In love, we can't have all masculine energy, so we need a female's touch. That's where Libra, a mutable sign steps in. She loves practical and pragmatic things, but she wants you to know work is truly about happiness, love, and relationships. 

These energies paired make quite a love match astrologically speaking, in the 8th House, there's love, compatible sexuality, and luck. 

So, it makes sense that when Venus conjuncts Jupiter, love not only grows, it deepens with knowledge and awareness. We are reminded to pair the practical application of love in relationships but if you're not passionate about whatever (or whoever) you're doing, then it's time to let an old pattern die and create a new one.

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When Jupiter and Venus conjunct, signs of the zodiac can become more balanced. Feminine to attract softness, masculine to have the strength to overcome a difficulty. Balance makes a person feel more love, and love draws luck to you. 

But the law of attraction works in others ways. Like attracts like. What you want to see happen in your life, you have to create a small portion of. If you want to find someone that you are physically attracted to, then logically, you need to be attractive to that person as well. If you want to find good love, you have to give the same. Venus, the ruler of Libra requires that to have one energy, you must have an equal measure of the same.  

In real life terms, love is about balance. This is why self-love is so important when it comes to finding healthy, loving relationships. When you are kind to yourself you create the foundation and place for kindness outside of yourself to claim a new home. When Venus conjuncts with Jupiter, these things expand and grow.

For the next few weeks, hearts open to compromise. Lovers at war and couples in complicated relationships can make peace and return to unity. Thoughtlessness can now return to actions that are refined and in good taste.  

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Jupiter can expand our awareness of good love. Love is something to study, learn, and master. Love may be an emotion, but it's also an action. Jupiter may bring us luck, but you need to make an effort to know where to look for it or to try and find the luck you want to experience in your life. 

You won't want to miss seeing Venus and Jupiter nudge us to view love as a reciprocal force. With these two planets coming together, it's astrology's reminder that to find the love you want, you can't wait for it to come to you, you have to seek it for yourself.