What 46% Of Men Admit To Doing BEFORE They Hook Up With You

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Alcohol is an amazing thing. One glass, shot, or bottle is enough to make us feel comfortable in our own skin even when we usually aren’t. It can also help us determine the signs he wants to hook up based on how intoxicated he is.

When it comes to dating and relationships, people tend to get nervous and are overcome with anxiety. Something that certainly helps calm anxiety is alcohol.

In a new survey by Recovery First, 500 Americans in relationships were asked a series of questions to see how alcohol plays out in a relationship. When the couples were asked if they drank before their first date, 46 percent of men said they did, while only 36 percent of women say they did.

In correlation to this, 5 percent of women that were buzzed on the first date have what was categorized as “a lot” of relationship problems, compared to the 3 percent of women who were sober. Similarly, 6 percent of men who were buzzed have “a lot” of relationship problems, compared to the small 1 percent of men who were sober on the first date.

When asked where the couples prefer to go and wind down for drinks, a dive bar was the most popular hangout for couples with relationship problems. But 32 percent of couples who claimed to have several problems within their relationship prefer to drink at dive bars. On the other end of the spectrum, only 18 percent of completely satisfied couples prefer to drink at dive bars.

Based on the survey, dive bars seem to be the popular hangout place for couples with relationship problems.

In a relationship, 4 drinks a month seems to be the lucky number. Out of the 500 that were surveyed, 50 percent of those that have 4-6 drinks a month together were mostly satisfied in their relationship. Even better, 32 percent were completely satisfied. Not even a single person was dissatisfied.

But when the number of drinks moves up by a few per month, it seems the satisfaction levels drop. Nine percent of those who have 7-9 drinks a month with their partners were mostly dissatisfied in their relationship. And only 39 percent were mostly satisfied.

Seven to 9 drinks a month seems to be the unlucky numbers for a relationship.

When asked about their drink preferences, tequila drinkers appear to have more relationship problems. Thirty-one percent of tequila drinkers have many problems, while only 6 percent have none at all. There are almost similar numbers with vodka drinkers: 23 percent of those who prefer vodka have many relationship problems, while only 4 percent have none.

But we can also look at the other side. The numbers also show that 29 percent of those who don’t drink at all also have many problems, just slightly less than the 31 percent of tequila drinkers with many problems in their relationship.

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