How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Horoscope For Today

Today's LOVE Horoscope For Thursday August 31, 2017 For All Zodiac Signs
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Expressing love comes easier today, zodiac signs!

Your daily love horoscope is in!

It's not often that we discuss the sign of Uranus, which happens to be in Aries.

Uranus is a sign that pushes through change, and when met with the sign of the Ram, you might have felt that push.

(Let's not forget, this is Mercury retrograde season, too!)

If you've felt crammed for time, and less focused on your relationships this week, this could be the reason why.

Perhaps logically you knew you needed more time together, but lately, there's so much to get done

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Finding the right balance in relationships can get complicated.

Sometimes this feeling happens when you're a single who wants to get involved but worry that you just don't have time for the commitment. 

Much of the nonsense that conflicts with romance has the opportunity to end, today. The planets are setting up for some simplicity, dedication, loyalty, and love.

The Sun is in practical and precise Virgo, and the Moon is in practical and goal-driven Capricorn.

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Meanwhile, we remain in Mercury (Retrograde) but now in a passion-filled, affection loving Leo, who is both loving and committed to his pack. Next factor in balanced and compassionate Libra in Jupiter... what do you have?

Energy set for relationships to find balance in practical ways that are both loving and nurturing as well. 

What does this mean for your love horoscope for today? 

Air zodiac signs, especially those with Libra influences you will find the time or make time for the people you love most. 

Fire zodiac signs will need to work on their work-life balance, but they will definitely be more communicative, and find a way to make it up later today.

Water zodiac signs will tune into their partner's needs more and find it in their hearts to be flexible and more understanding as well.

Earth zodiac signs will tune into their instincts on what needs to happen in order to make quality time a priority, and talking may not be part of it (wink, wink). 

Check for your specific sign below to see how Mercury in retrograde affects your horoscope for today.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, an intuitive message comes to you on how to grow your relationship more in an area that is meaningful. 

A situation takes place sometime in the day to remind you to recenter yourself, first. 

What you usually surrender to fate, is more controlled. A person that you influence gets the benefit of your attention.

Most romantic kiss for Aries: Like It's the First Time Kiss

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, although you may still struggle with some trust issues right now, there's a part of you releasing to love. 

A person or situation that brings hope to your life, draw your attention outside of yourself.

Circumstances require you to rely on your instincts more than what you hear, see, or what others say.

Most romantic kiss for Taurus: Neck Kiss

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, a word or action might have tainted the waters of your love life, but there's a chance to turn things around.

Your clairvoyant self is more in tune with how circumstances in the past played into the present. A door opens to allow you to clarify as needed.

Your attention is more focused today either on a person, a romantic situation, or maybe on yourself.

Most romantic kiss for Gemini: Earlobe Kiss

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, someone in your life who you care about is acting a bit self-serving. A situation or relationship leaves you wondering if you're being taken for granted.

A relationship change you thought might take place turns out to be a false start.

A person needs your patience, although it's difficult you find a way to be what they need. 

Most romantic kiss for Cancer: Hard Kisses

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, right now things are not the way that you wanted them to be.

There's a balance that needs to be brought back into the equation. 

During this state of change, you grow closer to those you care about and learn to tune into your relationships rather than tune out.

Most romantic kiss for Leo: Hard Kisses

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, someone you love and care about pays extra special attention to you, and your feelings for that person heighten.

Lately, you've been tuning out from your relationship, but you are paying attention more than you did before. 

A situation or circumstance arises that leaves you feeling more disconnected in your relationships but your love remains strong.

Most romantic kiss for Virgo: Surprise Kiss

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, some things are meant to be ignored. Someone or something might have been done carelessly.

Although you noticed, it requires you to let it go. A romantic situation reignites your hope for time together.

You reunite with a kindred spirit or someone who understands you deeply.

Most romantic kiss for Libra: Nice & Long Kiss

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, an area in your love life where you once were impatient no longer makes you feel frustrated. 

You feel more grounded in a relationship or with people close to you. Rather than feel the need to have space you want to spend time together. 

A situation or area of your life where you once were unwilling to show, is revealed and healing begins.

Most romantic kiss for Scorpio: Make-out in the car kiss

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, you've been centered but today things get creative and rather than focus inward on yourself, you are open to give of yourself to others. 

Where you used to be more judgmental, you express compassion and understanding to someone who confides a problem to you.

A gesture of generousity is either given to you, or from you to another than brings back more than given.

Most romantic kiss for Sagittarius: Goodnight Kiss

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Capricorn  (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, power in love is a bit off balanced as you move into a new phase of your relationship.

If single, you may feel hesitant about entering an unfamiliar situation.

If married, a conversation needs to be had to bring back intimacy and harmony.

Most romantic kiss for Capricorn: Confident Kiss

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, a change in the energy around your home or work impacts how your love life plays out today. 

An acquaintance or situation is brought to your attention and your help is requested, although you're unsure if you are ready to participate.

A person you care about may communicate they understand your focus has to be elsewhere at this time.

Most romantic kiss for Aquarius: Passion Kiss

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, you may start the day feeling uncertain about how things will work out in your love life. 

You keep some thoughts to yourself and consider next steps while others around you remain less engaged. 

A situation or change in circumstances requires you to trust the process and let go of control. 

Most romantic kiss for Pisces: Tongue (French) Kiss

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