What Makes Men Fall In Love With Women They Marry

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what makes a woman marriage material

"She's okay, but she talks too much.'"

We've all seen those Hallmark movies. Man meets girl. They have some silly conflict related to their jobs, their families, a fender bender. They find each other super-irritating, but there's a hint of attraction. Within two hours, the movie ends and they are engaged.

But is that realistic? Does the movie outline of attraction and marriage really reflect how things tend to go when we meet the person we're eventually going to marry? Well, sometimes. Sometimes not. Not so surprisingly, each man has a different story of how he felt and what his thoughts were when he met the woman he'd eventually marry.

Some, like the movies, found her rather irritating. She talked too much, she always had to be right, she was kind of a know-it-all. Others, though, felt no such thing; it was an instant attraction — maybe physical, but also emotional. He was attracted to her confidence, her looks, or how she challenged him to be a better version of himself.

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And sometimes, well... they both liked the same takeout. Hey, it's a start. Here's what men think about what makes a woman marriage material and the women who eventually became their wives.

1. I love that she cared about her community.

"There was a physical attraction there, as can so often be the case in Miami, but that can also be fleeting. I was struck by how much our interests were in line. She loved animals as much as me but had certainly done a lot more for the community than I ever had. The fact she put me on the spot and challenged me was something I wasn't regularly used to. She had and still has a confidence about her that was very attractive."

2. She was simply stunning.

"It was legit one of those things. I saw her across the room (in a dive bar) and thought she was the hottest woman I had ever seen in my life. Bettie Page bangs, Jessica Rabbit curves, dangerous smile. Then she put down her drink and made out with the second hottest girl in the room. I thought to myself, 'Why the hell am I not hanging out with those chicks?' Two weeks later, we were eating Indian food and talking about the overlap between Pat Buchanan and Karl Marx. I figured I should marry her."

3. She wouldn't stop talking.

"First thing I thought was, 'She's okay, but she talks too much.' We're 15 years in and she still hasn't gotten better."

4. I could talk to her.

"What makes a woman marriage material? Well, for one, she's easy to talk to."

5. She got under my skin.

"On the day we met, I thought to myself: 'I never want to see this inconsiderate woman again.' A year and two days later, we were married."

6. She was open to trying new things.

"For me, my first thought was 'Could I freely share my inner thoughts, sexual fantasies, and concerns without judgment? Is she a prude or open to new ideas and life experiences?' If yes, then she's a keeper."

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7. It was love at first sight.

"They say there's no such thing as 'love at first sight' but it totally was true for us (or at least me). I had done the whole online dating thing a bunch prior to her where we'd chat online for days/weeks and then decide to meet or not. With her, though, it was more of a 'let's just get together and see what happens.' But as I saw her rise up on the escalator from the Metro station, I was totally in love."

8. We just clicked instantly.

"It's probably cliché but we were on the same page right away. She laughed at my jokes and had an easy manner that made the 'getting to know you' phase really pleasant and sweet. It felt right. And while some of it was likely borne out of nervousness, it was very easy to label it as grace."

Watch the video below to see what attributes make someone marriage material and the perfect spouse:


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