Bad Habits Men Hate (And The One They Hate THE MOST)

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bad habits men hate
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The truth hurts.

People are scrambling to find a partner. Maybe it’s just people in the late twenties, but the ladies who used to be the single are desperately looking for a boyfriend. Heck, many of them are willing to just skip right to the husband part, as they feel it’s now or never to tie the knot.

After dissecting their dating profile for the reason they can’t get a second date, many people would do anything to figure out the secret sauce. But it turns out, these bad habits men hate are keeping you single and is why you shed a tear when "Single Ladies" comes on at the bar.

There’s one bad habit, in particular, that is really killing your chances at getting dates. What is it you might ask? Well, the answer is staring at you right from your ashtray: Smoking!

It’s just SO not cool these days. During my teens, I felt at least ten times sexier when I had a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. But now, with group fitness classes coming back into popularity and the trending vegan diet, people who smoke just seem kind of dated. Health is in, people! And if you have one of those whacky tabaccy sticks hanging out your mouth, your cool points plummet.

According to a survey done by Halocigs, smoking is causing people to fail miserably at finding a partner. Five hundred people were surveyed and found that 64.2 percent of nonsmoking women said that smoking was a deal breaker for them. Amongst non-smoking men, 64.3 percent of them said the same.

In fact, even 10 percent of smoking men said that they wouldn’t want to date another smoker. Almost twice this amount of smoking women said that they wouldn’t want to date another smoker as well.

When asking how others perceived smokers, most of them said that those who smoke are just addicted. However, others perceived that they just liked the taste of nicotine or were unhealthy.

However, all hope is not lost for smokers because about 58 percent of nonsmokers claim to have dated a smoker before. But I do assume that "before" also means in the past, so maybe they got tired of that stinky breath.

Also, when asked whether or not people broke up with a partner because of smoking, a low percentage of both men and women said that they did.

When asked their preference between dating a smoker or a non-smoker, 63 percent of women said they want to date a non-smoker, with 10 percent of men saying the same. In fact, 73 percent of men said that smokers were unattractive while 54 percent of women said the same.

Infographs: Halocigs

So, while smoking might not be totally ruining your chances at love, it's one of the bad habits men hate, it's keeping you single and could be affecting your love life dramatically. Maybe this survey will give you more motivation to quit because why spend money to look unattractive and be single forever