5 AMAZING Romantic Movies Coming To Netflix This June

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romantic movies coming to netflix

Is your heart all a-flutter? Because it should be!

I la la love romantic movies

Full stop!

I love romantic comedies, and I love romantic dramas.

I even love the romantic movies that are sort of accidentally romantic or the romantic movies where the romance is really nothing more than a subplot!

I know that the romance and the love I see in movies is different than romance and love in real life. I know that because I'm 33, sexually active, and suffice to say I've been around the block a couple of times myself. 

That's right, bitch gets laid. 

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You know what gets me in the mood for said lay? Watching romantic movies

At the end of each month, I am desperate to see what new romantic movies are coming to Netflix. Since I was looking for romantic movies coming to Netflix all on my lonesome, I decided to share the 5 likeliest contenders with you, my fellow romantic movie lovers!

Behold! 5 romantic movies coming to Netflix in June 2017 that will absolutely put you in the mood:

1. Gypsy

Naomi Watts (I adore her!) stars as a therapist who can't help but get a little too involved in her patients' lives. You know what that means — steamy sex scenes and forbidden love blooms in this dramatic romantic movie.

It's cerebral and super sexy, a winning combo, no?

2. 13 Going On 30 

What is not to love about this nearly-classic (it's just not old enough) romantic movie starring Jennifer Garner?

It's got body swapping, it's got Mark Ruffalo, it's got Judy Greer, it's got all the angst of the teen years and all the sex of your 20s and 30s! You'll be on the hunt for lip-biting love all your own after watching this one!

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3. Burlesque 

It doesn't get much better than Xtina herself playing a would-be singing sensation earning her stripes opposite Cher at a Burlesque club. Add a little "will-they, won't-they" romance, and you've got a camp classic for everyone!

Come for Christina Aguilera, stay for Cher. Always, stay for Cher. 

4. My Left Foot 

I love this one, and not just because my dad has cerebral palsy, but also because I deeply adore Daniel Day Lewis, as any thinking person should. 

In this movie, Lewis plays a role based on the real life of Irish painter, Christy Brown. It's a biography that also chronicles Christy's own love story with the woman who became his wife. You have got to see it. 

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5. Playing It Cool 

Yeah, yeah, women are known for our unrequited love affairs. But how often do you find a romantic comedy about a man struggling to make relationships work? It's worth seeing for that reason alone if nothing else. 

Did I mention Chris Evans plays the guy? Yeah. That.