Your Weekend Horoscope For Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th Is Here!

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The BEST Free daily Horoscope For Saturday May 27th and sunday May 28th
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The weekend is full of surprises!


It's the weekend! And a holiday to boot!

So you may be getting ready to par-tay this weekend but first, you'll need to check your (totally free!) horoscope.

We have the best weekend horoscope for May 28 and May 29 for all the zodiac signs and it's a doozy!

Some of you will need to take a break and let others help you ... 

While others will be so wound up with energy that you won't be able to stop!

So make sure you scroll down to check out your zodiac sign and find out what the stars have in store for you.


You are on a roll this weekend. 

All you want to do is set goals and complete them and that is exactly what you'll be doing.

There is a hint of romance in the air, so if you're with someone, this weekend may see some sort of romantic milestone.

If you're single, then you may be meeting someone new and exciting!

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This weekend will play out very slowly for you, in a calm and relaxed way.

It's time to visit loved ones and spend the weekend reconnecting, laughing and just feeding your soul with love.

Don't forget to take some time for yourself to enjoy a good book or TV show.

You'll definitely have the time to do so, take advantage!

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Is there a friend of yours having a personal issue?

It might be a good time for you to be their shoulder to cry on.

But don't make the whole weekend about others.

You need time to yourself as well to recharge so that you can be there for others when they need it.

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You won't be spending too much time at home this weekend.

You're going to be busy with friends and family and taking in the spring air outside.

You can use this time to really reflect on life and love, because nothing brings you closer to yourself then being separated from technology and enjoying the great outdoors.

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The weekend will start out with a busy schedule for you filled with a bunch of exciting mini adventures.

With that though, comes exhaustion. So it's fine to run around and do your thing but you need to make sure you're also taking care of yourself.

Libra is all about balance and this weekend is a good example of that.

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It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. and that usually means tons of events to go and explore.

But it may be a better time for you to kind of just ... hang out and take it easy.

It's hard always being "on" and you're starting to feel it.

Use this time to relax, reboot, and get ready for the week ahead.

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It's the weekend but your mind is still focused on work related issues.

Are you worried about a promotion or a big project?

It's fine to pass on weekend events so that you can clear your mind of the work related stress.

Write everything down that you think you need to do or discuss when you get back. It will make you feel so much better!

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You are everyone's rock this weekend.

People will be coming to you for love advice, work related issues, and just about anything under the sun.

Of course, you'll have all the answers they need because you are filled with creative energy and your logical side is in full force.

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Though the weekend may be filled with opportunities for barbecues and parties, it may be in your best interest to pass.

It's not that you don't want to hang out, but your emotions are a bit all over the place.

This weekend would be a good time to settle in with a good book or show and recharge.

There will always be other parties to go to!

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This weekend will prove to show you that you are bound for success.

Whether it be work, friends, or family, something will fall into your lap to show you that you are needed and appreciated.

It's these small little milestones or achievements that will leave you feeling fulfilled.


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It's super important to remember that you need to balance your home life with other aspects.

Neglecting those you love will start to take effect and hurt you soon if you don't play catch up.

This is the perfect weekend to call those you've been avoiding.

They miss you and your one call will make a difference to them.

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This is the weekend to have fun, both outdoors with friends and family, and indoors with your TV.

You are prone to running on empty to get things done and that's totally cool because your work ethic is amazing and people notice.

But you don't want to run yourself down.

Take a break and let someone else do the dirty work for once.

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